Tuesday 13th November 2018

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    Brightlingsea Regent

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    Wingate & Finchley

    Cole 45

Bostik League Premier

Wingate and Finchley’s 150-mile round-trip to Brightlingsea proved fruitful as they came away with a scrappy 1-0 win and all three points. With fans making the journey into the depths of East Anglia from all over the country, you’d forgive them for being happy with any type of win.

And, as it was, the visitors travelled back to London one goal to the good, thanks to Charlie Cole’s strike just before half-time. A stop-start second-half proved fruitless for both sides but, though it wasn’t pretty at times, Wingate secured their second win on the bounce.

In reality, the Blues were on top for large parts of the game, but lacking the crucial final pass. Their best chance of the half came from a free-kick after Samir Bihmoutine was up-ended on the edge of the box. The shot was punched clear as it looked to be creeping in at the near post and, despite Rob Laney’s constant terrorising of Brightlingsea’s right-back, few closer chances were created until just before the break.

Collecting Reece Beckles-Richards pass just inside the corner of the penalty area, Cole opened his body up before firing back across the goalkeeper, squirming the ball in at the near post to put Wingate 1-0 up at half-time. It was Wingate’s wide-men causing Brightlingsea problems in the second half.

Beckles-Richards and Laney were constant threats down the flanks for the Blues, but a handful of half-chances were all the team were able to muster up. It was a tough game against a tough team in front of a tough crowd on a tough pitch after a tough journey, but Wingate toughed it out and now have two vital wins on the spin, their fourth in five games.

Next up is another long away day, down to Bognor Regis on Saturday 17th November.


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  7. Weatherstone
  8. Beckles
  9. Tejan-Sie
  10. 80

  11. Cole
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