Saturday 25th January 2020

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    Wingate & Finchley

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    Brightlingsea Regent

Isthmian Premier League

In what was a fiery and fiercely fought contest between the BetVictor Isthmian Premier Division's bottom two teams both Wingate & Finchley and Brightlingsea Regent had to settle for a 0-0 draw.

The opening minutes of the clash were back and forth with both sides having sporadic chances at goal but it all came to nothing.

The visitors then began to threaten through set-piece opportunities with Jordan Barnett's free-kick luckily landing on the roof of Shane Gore's net in the 18th minute.

In the 23rd minute, Brightlingsea came close to scoring again with Jake Clowsley skewing his shot wide only after slipping.

Wingate fought back however and arguably their best chance came in the 28th minute after a brilliant cross from Alphanso Kennedy found Jamie Jellis who had an empty net to aim for but scuffed his shot into the floor with the ball bouncing up onto the crossbar from just a yard out.

Towards the end of the first half, the home side began dominating the chances created but failed to find the net with Kennedy's looped cross finding Fumnaya Shomotun who just missed with his volleyed effort in the 39th minute.

In the 41st and 45th minutes, Tommy Tejan-Sie and Kane Farrell both tested Charlie Turner with long-range efforts with the former only missing the bottom corner by centimetres.

The second half started as the first one ended with Wingate creating decent chances but failing to convert them.

The 54th minute saw Kennedy get on the end of a good low cross only to pull his shot wide and the 61st minute saw Wingate continue to pepper Brightlingsea's box with crosses but the away side dealt with them well.

Having inched closer to goal but failed to find the net, Wingate soon found their opponents getting back into the game culminating in a deflection in the 67th minute dropping to Clowsley but luckily his volleyed effort is swallowed up easily by Gore.

Tired legs meant Wingate had their backs against the wall towards the end with Finn O'Reilly having a great chance to score but Gore once again came to the rescue to keep the score at 0-0 in the 90th minute.

Report by Marwan Harraz


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