Saturday 18th August 2018

  • 0

    Wingate & Finchley

  • 3

    Folkestone Invicta

    Ter Horst 10
    Yusuff 50
    Evans 57

Bostik League Premier

The Blues were left wishing it was a Saturday they could repeat over, after Folkestone Invicta scored three and took away the same amount of points with a 3-0 victory. A disappointing result coming on a day which saw the Club celebrate their brand-new, refurbished Maurice Rebak Stadium.

Wingate & Finchley started brightest in the opening six minutes with Marc Charles-Smith nearly releasing Reece Beckles-Richards in on goal, but Callum Davies smothered out the danger. It was The Seasiders, however, who took the lead after 10 minutes. Kieron McCann, left with time and space, picked out Johan Ter Horst inside the six-yard box who volleyed past Shane Gore.

Gore was called into action again after Ronnie Dolan latched onto a free-kick with a powerful header across goal, which the stopper palmed away nine minutes on.

Beckles-Richards took aim from outside the box, but ultimately curled an effort over the bar two minutes later. The north Londoners came close to equalising after 27 minutes. Layne Eadie’s cross was headed by Rob Laney into the path of Charles-Smith, whose acrobatic effort dipped wide. Four minutes on, George Craddock’s deep corner dropped to Laney who powered a header onto the crossbar.

The game-changer moment arrived on the stroke of half-time. Sean Cronin was sent off for an adjudged handball, however Gore was on hand to dive to his left to keep out Adam Yusuff's penalty.

Five minutes following the break, the visitors doubled their lead. Yusuff connected with McCann's left-sided cross to guide inside the near-post. Despite a valiant effort from the home side to find a way back into the contest, they were hit for three on 57 minutes. Jack Evans, on the inside right, struck across goal from outside the area.

Lewis Putman connected with Beckles-Richards' corner, who powered a header past the back-post with 15 minutes to go. Tim Roberts held Beckles-Richards' shot from the edge of the box on 82 minutes. And Laney could only head over on the stretch when he arrived to meet Beckles-Richards' looping corner, with an opportunity for a late consolation going adrift.

Report by Khalid Karimullah


  1. Gore
  2. 86

  3. McCubbin
  4. Eadie
  5. Weatherstone
  6. Sent off 45

  7. Cronin
  8. Ebelebe
  9. 70

  10. Craddock
  11. Laney
  12. 45

  13. Charles-Smith
  14. Beckles
  15. Putman



  1. Williams
  2. 86

  3. Obafemi
  4. Monsheju
  5. 70

  6. Tejan-Sie
  7. Manu


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