Saturday 15th July 2017

  • 4

    Haringey Borough

    Fenton 58
    Ademiluyi 59
    O’Donoghue 71
    Alikivados 74

  • 5

    Wingate & Finchley

    Laney 40
    Cronin 47
    McCall 53
    Beckles 76
    Cronin 85

Pre Season Friendly

Wingate & Finchley continued their pre-season with a nine-goal thriller at Coles Park against a stern Haringey Borough. Dean Fenton side-foot volleyed over Ant Macdonald’s cross from close. Reece Beckles-Richards’ one-on-one was saved low by Tyler McCarthy after latching onto Ben Pattie’s knock-down. The resulting corner saw Rob Laney’s close-range header denied on the line.

Luke Ifil’s piledriver forced a stunning one-handed stop from McCarthy. Joe Sharpe’s cross was headed by Laney into the path of Wes Parker, who couldn’t find a way past McCarthy. Fenton’s strike was blocked by Sean Cronin, Andy Loizou’s follow-up sprung Gore into a low stop. Kunlie Otudeko’s shimmied run culminated in a shot from wide which was parried, the rebound fell to Laney to tap home five minutes before half-time.

Two minutes following the break, Cronin headed Pattie’s corner past McCarthy to double the advantage. Laney cushioned the ball towards Spencer McCall who slotted across into the far corner inside 53 minutes. Approaching the hour mark, The Borough clawed back two quick goals in the same amount of minutes. Michael Ademiluyi’s cross ensured Fenton made a connection from close, prior to the former emphatically finding the top right from inside the area.

Ademiluyi’s one-two with Joe Benjamin saw him taken down, Jamie O’Donoghue stepped-up equalising from the spot on 71 minutes. Andrew Alikivados intercepted Gore’s goalkick placing into a gaping net, with Haringey leading for the first time after 74 minutes. Beckles-Richards’ precision free-kick from the edge wasn’t going to be stopped as it found the top right two minutes later. All-tied at four apiece, Cronin emphatically converted from the spot following Beckles-Richards’ mazy run earning a late penalty.

Report by Khalid Karimullah


  1. Gore
  2. Ifil
  3. 73

  4. Laney
  5. 45

  6. Parker
  7. Kizzi
  8. Cronin
  9. McCall
  10. Sharpe
  11. 55

  12. Pattie
  13. Beckles
  14. Otudeko



  1. Esposito
  2. 45

  3. Pearce
  4. 55

  5. Obafemi
  6. Mandeville
  7. Mangan


Andreas Anastasiou