Hadley Wood and Wingate FC is a youth football club which was established in 2003 and is a Charter standard development club. It is one of a handful in Hertfordshire with this advanced status. This means that we stringently follow the FA directive for children’s football. We ensure that all our staff obtain the FA coaching badge (including a child protection and emergency aid workshop).
    In addition we have a Health and Safety policy, an anti-discrimination policy and codes of conduct. We also provide police checks on ALL our volunteers. The development award will give us the reputation and status as a safe and well run club which will ensure schools and centre of excellence will choose to send us their most talented youngsters.
    The youth club has teams ranging from U7 to U15. The teams play in the Watford Friendly League (WFL) and also participate in tournaments and cup matches. The club endeavours to deliver to the children at the youth club, the necessary level of ability, attitude and commitment. This will help to further their football career and will ensure an exit from youth football to adult football if that is what they desire.
    The youth club was established by the current Chairman of Wingate and Finchley FC, Aron Sharpe and one of the current directors, Keith Garber. Aron Sharpe is now also the president of the youth club and both Aron and Keith are actively involved in coaching and youth development.
    Hadley Wood & Wingate FC has a strong link with Wingate and Finchley FC and acts as a feeder with players having the opportunity to transfer to the Wingate & Finchley youth section at U15, and play at a significantly higher level than the WFL. From there, players can have an opportunity to play for Wingate & Finchley at semi-professional level and experience an environment that has seen many boys progress to professional academies.
    In accordance to the WFL, children at the age group of U7 and U8 play a non-competitive league, matches are 5-a-side and last for 20 minutes each half. The scores are not published but are recorded at the WFL. The U9 also play 7-a-side (also 20 minutes each half), however, this is the first competitive season that the children play. A league table is weekly published and teams can be promoted (or relegated) from their respective division.


    Players have a one and a half hour session of training during the week (each week) directed by a professional trainer (At least level 2). Managers also take an active role during the training session, but primarily manage and conduct the pre match training/warm-up on a Sunday prior to a match.
    In addition, goalkeepers have a separate focused training with the Wingate and Finchley goalkeeper. The training focuses on increasing the goalkeeper confidence and unique skills.

    Home Ground

    Hadley Wood Fields {to the left of Hadley Wood Station}
    Crescent West Hadley Wood,
    EN4 0EH

    Contact Information

    For more information please contact us:
    By email:hww@wingatefinchley.com
    By phone: 07941 551923