Saturday 5th January 2019

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    Wingate & Finchley

Bostik League Premier

Wingate & Finchley arrived at Merstham's Specsavers Stadium as the north Londoners looked to climb up the Bostik League table, however hopes soon faded following a 3-0 defeat - despite being on top for large periods.

Within six minutes, the hosts showed their intentions. Kershaney Samuels played through former Blue Walter Figueira, who looked to place back across goal, but Ola Williams was on hand to rush over and see the danger clear.

Eight minutes on, Luke Ifil hustled for possession off Kenny Beaney and skipped past Simon Cooper, however his low shot across Amadou Tangara found the post.

Ifil recycled with Tommy Tejan-Sie whose lobbed cross towards the back-post found Rob Laney, whose header lacked power on 18 minutes.

Charlie Ruff's sweeping pass to David Manu gave the visitors a glorious chance to place past Tangara in a one-on-one, but the stopper palmed his attempt away four minutes on.

On 25 minutes The Moatsiders took the lead, against the run of play. Roman Michael-Percil broke down the left and found Samuels to place into the far corner.

The Blues had a chance to equalise four minutes later when Tangara's loose pass arrived at Ifil, but the 'keeper redeemed himself from close by making the stop.

The hosts made it double-trouble on 36 minutes. Tom Kavanagh's lob deflected onto the upright for Figueira to place into an empty net.

Seven minutes proceeded when Gus Sow fired with menace from the inside left, but powered over from distance.

A minute into injury time before the break, Loic Hernandez powered past Ollie Cook inside the area and placed across evading the left post, however contact from Tangara followed but came to nothing.

11 minutes into the restart, Layne Eadie's whipped cross from the inside right saw Williams fire with clout, but unable to squeeze the shot past a range of bodies.

Approaching 69 minutes, Michael-Percil in his stride struck across from close for Shane Gore to make a vital stop.

Six minutes went when Manu burst inside from wide right for Tim Monsheju to fire low into the arms of Tangara.

Laney headed towards Charlie Cole who set-up Ahmet Rifat surging towards the box, yet Tangara held his low hit at the second attempt.

In stoppage-time, Figueira was taken down inside the area for Michael-Percil to send Gore the wrong way from the penalty spot - and added to the Finchley men's woes.

Report by Khalid Karimullah


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  8. Tejan-Sie
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  12. Laney
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  14. Ruff



  1. Monsheju
  2. 80

  3. Cole
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  5. Eadie
  6. Cronin
  7. Stewart


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