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  • 13th December 2020

    Sunday Matches Roundup

    Here are the results and scorers from Sunday! Well done to all teams, and especially to the scorers!

    Team Opposition W/L/D Result Scorers
    U7 White AC Finchley North Parker 3, Glass, Last
    U8 White Northwood Red A O'Brien
    U9 White Enfield Town Youth POSTPONED
    U9 Blue Maccabi London White Shiers
    U9 Yellow Saint Albans City B Shrives
    U10 White Edgware Town FC Crivellaro, Kuti, Joseph
    U10 Blue Enfield Town Youth Vicknayson, Aziz
    U11 White AC Finchley South Cuadrado Bieniek, Scaffardi, Young-Richards, Rosiello
    U11 Blue Northwood Red
    U12 White Oakland Wolves W 8-2 Pearl 3, Joseph 2, Class, Parker, Salim
    U12 Blue Saint Albans City North W 6-0 Rahamim 2, Merson, Buszek, Kyjovsky, Oshman
    U13 EJA Buckhurst Hill W 2-1 Ogunnaike 2
    U13 Blue AFC Southgate Dragons W 6-3 Reggel 3, Carmona 2, Towlson
    U15 EJA Hackney Wick W 16-0 Scannella 4, Roberts, Okwor 4, Berg, Kyrill 2, Bloomfield, Mitchell, Malekinia 2
    U16 White Hendon United White D 3-3 Perry, Mendlessohn, Regan
    U18 EJA Maccabi London L 2-1 Stirling
  • 6th December 2020

    Sunday Matches Roundup

    Welcome back to all of our teams, these are the results and scorers from Sunday! Well done to all teams, and especially to the scorers!

  • Team Opposition W/L/D Result Scorers
    U7 White Maccabi London Leopards Glass 4, Parker 2, Last, Godfrey, Benton
    U8 White Saint Albans City North Aaronson 2, Glass 2, R O'Leary 2
    U9 White Saint Albans City
    U9 Blue Harvesters Grasshoppers Cohen 2, Rexhepi
    U9 Yellow Northwood Black Komemoto 3, J Shrives, Smetana, Goodwin, Zwick
    U10 White Maccabi London Blue Kuti 2, Rego 2
    U10 Blue Bushey Rangers Lewis 3, Godfrey, Hildebrand, Vicknayson, Olayiwola 2, Aziz
    U11 White Edgware Town Agavriloaei
    U11 Blue AC Finchley South Sanders
    U12 White London Colney Colts Blue D 2-2 Joseph, Levin
    U12 Blue Maccabi London Blue W 5-2 Merson, Pater 2, Oshman, Kyjovsky
    U13 EJA Grays Athletic - League Cup W 2-1 Bondarenko, Ogunnaike
    U13 White Northwood Black W 4-0 Benedic, Doctors, Bayfield, Davis
    U13 Blue London Colney Colts Red L 4-0
    U16 White Turnstyles W 4-0 Perry, A Aar
  • 1st November 2020

    Sunday Matches Roundup

    These are the results and scorers from Sunday! Well done to all teams, and especially to the scorers!

  • Team Opposition W/L/D Result Scorers
    U7 White Global Football Academy Santos Parker 4, Godfrey
    U8 White AC Finchley South Aaronson 2, Joseph 2, O'Brien, Hill, Glass
    U9 White U9 Yellow Wake, Cordeiro, Lissner, Eder
    U9 Blue London Colney Colts Whites Cohen, Hirano
    U9 Yellow U9 White
    U10 White APB FC Barnet Rams Crivellaro 3, Isaacs 2, Rego, Jospeh
    U10 Blue Aldenham Excel Lewis, Godfrey
    U11 White APB FC Barnet Rams
    U11 Blue London Colney Colts Reds
    U12 Blue Saint Albans City East W 3-1 Rahamim, Merson, Pater
    U13 EJA Hadley W 13-0 Bondarenko, Gibbons 2, Lazarus, Opolodt, Smith, Turner, Williams-Thomas, Campbell 2, Cooper, Ogunnaike, Young-Armstrong
    U13 White AFC Southgate Dragons - County Cup R1 W 10-0 Doctors 6, Gold 2, Benedick, T Davis
    U13 Blue AFC Southgate Knights - County Cup R1 W 14-0 Fernandes 3, Reggel 3, Carmona, Rosenberg, Brocheler, Rebello, Haffner, Patel
    U15 EJA Ryan FC D 2-2 Tapnack
    U16 White Omonia Youth W 3-1 Perry 2, A Aar

  • 25th October 2020

    Sunday Matches Roundup

    These are the results and scorers from Sunday! Well done to all teams, and especially to the scorers!

  • Team Opposition W/L/D Result Scorers
    U7 White ABP FC Barnet Rams Parker 3, Glass 2
    U8 White Enfield Town Youth Aaronson 3, Sullivan 3, O'Brien, R O'Leary 2, Hill, Glass, Joesph
    U9 White Whetstone Lions Klein 4, Singer, Wake, Myerson
    U9 Blue Enfield Town Youth Yellow
    U9 Yellow Maccabi London White B Shrives 2, Goodwin, Myeroff, Zwick, Durling, Glass
    U10 White London Colney Colts Blue
    U10 Blue Harvesters Panthers Lewis 3, Aziz, Tiller
    U11 White U11 Blue L 3-0
    U11 Blue U11 White W 3-0 Sanders 2, Merris
    U12 White Whetstone Panthers W 1-0 Levin
    U12 Blue St Albans East (friendly) W 7-1 Ahluwalia 2, Lemer, Pater 2, Merson, Buczek
    U13 White Northwood Black - Lge Cup R2 W 1-0 Davis
    U13 Blue GFA Enfield Lions - Lge Cup R2 L 3-2 Pearce, Reggel
    U13 EJA May & Baker FC W 5-1 Francis, Lazarus, Ogunnaike, Bondarenko 2
    U15 EJA Buckhurst Hill W 2-1 Tapnack, Okwor
    U16 White Turnstyles POSTPONED
    U18 EJA Billericay - Lge Cup R1 L 4-0
  • 11th October 2020

    Sunday Matches Roundup

    These are the results and scorers from Sunday! Well done to all teams, and especially to the scorers!

  • Team Opposition W/L/D Result Scorers
    U7 White Maccabi London Pumas (Friendly) Godfrey 6, Parker 3, Brighten 2, Benton, Last, Glass
    U8 White Borehamwood Youth Crusaders (Friendly) O'Brien, Sullivan, O'Leary 2, Hill, Glass, Aaronson 4
    U9 White Belsize Park Reds Lissner, Singer
    U9 Blue Hinton & Finchley Stars Cohen 2, Rexhepi
    U9 Yellow AC Finchley North Komemoto, Shrives, Goodwin
    U10 White West Herts Youth Stags Rego 2, Kuti, Robinson
    U10 Blue Harrow Stars Youth Lewis, Aziz, Daly, Cucchiara
    U11 White AC Finchley North Ardeleanu
    U12 White Whetstone Pumas W 3-1 Joseph 3
    U13 EJA Hackney Wick W 6-0 Fox 2, Gibbons 2, Ogunnaike, Bondarenko 
    U13 Blue Oakhill Tigers Rangers W 4-2 Pearce 2, Carmona, Reggel
    U15 EJA Leiston (Cup) L 2-0
    U16 White Enfield Town Youth L 3-2 Asiedu 2
    U18 EJA Norsemen Youth Red W 3-0 Janssen, Griffiths-Farrell
  • 4th October 2020

    Sunday Matches Roundup

    These are the results and scorers from Sunday! Well done to all teams, and especially to the scorers!

  • eam Opposition W/L/D Result Scorers
    U7 White Harvesters Stars Benton, Parker 6, Godfrey 2, Glass 2
    U8 White Enfield Rangers Black Aaronson 5, R O'Leary 4, Hill, O'Brien, Glass
    U9 White Belstone Reds Singer 2, Klein, Lissner, Green
    U9 Blue Whetstone Tigers Cohen, Hirano, Goldstone
    U9 Yellow Global Football Academy Santos Goodwin
    U10 White London Colney Colts Blue Rego, Crivellaro, Matricciani
    U10 Blue APB FC Barnet Raiders Aziz 3, Lewis 2, Daly 2, Hildebrand, Olayiwola, Vicknayson
    U11 White Enfield Rangers White
    U11 Blue AC Finchley South Sanders 2, Hilton, Merris 2, Tury
    U13 Blue Harrow Stars Youth
    U15 EJA Ilford POSTPONED
    U18 EJA Billericay POSTPONED
  • 27 September 2020

    Sunday Matches Roundup

    These are the results and scorers from Sunday! Well done to all teams, and especially to the scorers!

  • Team Opposition W/L/D Result Scorers
    U7 White Maccabi London Buffalos Last 3, Parker 5, Godfrey 3, Brighten, Ben-Yoav 2
    U8 White Alexandra Park South Joseph, Hill, R O'Leary, Cooper, Aaronson
    U9 White Global Football Academy Santos
    U9 Blue Northwood Red O Cohen
    U9 Yellow Whetstone Lions Shrives 2, Zwick, Glass, Durling, Goodwin 
    U10 White Whetstone Tigers Rego 2, Isaacs
    U10 Blue Norsemen Godfrey, Aziz
    U11 White AC Finchley South Ardeleanu, Roseillo, Cozens
    U11 Blue London Colney Colts Red Burkeman
    U12 White HMH Hawks L 2-1 Thrilling
    U12 Blue St Albans City West (Lge Cup R1) W 3-1 Ahluwalia, Lemer, Pater
    U13 EJA lford (Lge Cup R1) W 20-0 Fox 2, Gibbons, Ogunnaike 2, Opolot 3, Campbell 5, Bondarenko 3, Turner 3, Joseph
    U13 White Harvesters North D 1-1 Shapiro
    U13 Blue Enfield Rangers Green D 5-5 Rosenberg, Carmona 4
    U15 EJA Hackney Wick W 3-0 Okwor 3
    U16 White Maccabi London Blue L 0-7
    U18 EJA Woodford Town - POSTPONED
  • 20 September 2020

    Sunday Matches Roundup

    These are the results and scorers from Sunday! Well done to all teams, and especially to the scorers!

  • Team Opposition W/L/D Result Scorers
    U10 White Enfield Rangers Green Riley 2, Raphael
    U10 Blue AC Finchley South Lewis, Daly 2
    U11 White London Colney Colts Blue Superville, Agavriloaei 2, Ardeleanu
    U12 White APB FC Barnet Rams W 4-1 OG, class, Gordon, Parker
    U13 EJA Norsemen W 17-0 Ohanaike 5, Campbell 3, Gibbons 3, Joseph, Turner, Lazarus, Bondarenko, Fox, Opoldt
    U15 EJA Walthamstow FC W 3-1 Robertd, Krill, Mosinga
    U16 White Bwood Youth Knights (Lge Cup) L 6-1 Gould
    U18 EJA Cockfosters W 2-0 Redmond, Frimpong
  • 13 September 2020

    Sunday Matches Roundup

    These are the results and scorers from Sunday, as our youth teams all returned back to action! Well done to all teams, and especially to the scorers!

  • Team Opposition W/L/D Result Scorers
    U9 White AC Finchley Bibring, Klein
    U9 Blue London Colney Colts Red Shiers
    U9 Yellow APB FC Barnet Rams Jake, Nagi, Freddie, Jackson G
    U10 White AC Finchley Riley 7, Isaac 3, Raphael 2, Nathan, Rupert, Alessandro
    U10 Blue Whetstone Wanderers Lions Ethan 2, Fran, Taylor, Jesse
    U11 White Global Football Academy Santos David, Elliot, Ethan
    U11 Blue HGS Merris 2, Sanders, Altberg
    U12 Blue Macabbi London Blues W 5-3 Rahamim, Pater 2, Buczek 2
    U12 Blue West Herts Youth W 7-3 Rahamim 3, Pater 2, Buczek, Nelson
    U12 White (Tues) Harvesters North W 2-0 Salim 2
    U13 White Whetstone (League Cup) W 3-1 Mandel 2, Doctors
    U13 Blue Omonia White W 4-0 Milo, Joe, Jake, Olly
    U15 EJA Barkingside Yellow W 3-0 Tapnack, Okwor, Madigan
    U16 White Turnstyles W 3-0 Ismael, Eben, Abz
    U18 EJA Potters Bar D 2-2 Khion, Luc

  • 22 July

    U16's Win London FA Cup Final!

    The young Blues defeated Buckhurst Hill 2-1 at Haringey Borough's Coles Park on Saturday, winning their delayed cup final from earlier in the year.
    A full set of photos can be found at this Flickr link.

  • 24th June

    Youth Players Join In Club Funding Appeal
  • 3rd June


    The FA (we) have issued further guidance to all grassroots football and informal football activity outside the professional game following the Government’s relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions from 1 June 2020.

    • Consistent with Government advice published on Monday 1 June, the following outdoor football activity is currently permitted:
    • • playing football individually. For example, practice of individual skills or fitness activities;
    • • playing football with your family or other people living in your household;
    • • football training or fitness activities in groups of no more than six, keeping two metres apart at all times.

    Sharing of equipment should be kept to a minimum and strong hand hygiene practices should be in place before and after. Physical contact with anyone outside of your household is not permitted, therefore playing of any games (small-sided or full) is also not permitted at this time. Avoid meeting in groups of six in busy or overcrowded areas if it is so busy that it is not possible to maintain social distancing at all times.

    Football coaches can now undertake small group sessions up to six people (including the coach) but are reminded to follow FA safeguarding policy when coaching/working with children. This must include risk assessing the activities, gaining consent from parents/carers and ensuring you are in sight of another adult. For example, a parent/carer or another coach and that the ratio of coach to different age-groups of children is appropriate – see download 5.5 . For clarity, the additional parent/carer or coach is not included as part of the group of six but must remain in sight of the activity.

    It is permissible for coaches to organise a training session that has two or more groups of six (including the coach) involved in the session, as long as the groups of six are kept separate, everyone is socially distancing and strict hygiene measures are in place with any equipment.

    Football coaches working with people with impairments must ensure they can adequately cater for any additional needs whilst still avoiding physical contact and maintaining social distancing. Individuals should follow Government guidance relevant to their own impairment or health condition.

    Please be reminded, if an individual is symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or if you're classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, the guidance is that you should remain at home.

    We continue to work closely with DCMS and Sport England in order to set out good practice guidance for those responsible for delivering different aspects of grassroots football and we will share further information as soon as possible.
  • 6th May

    Youth trials have been postponed

    Youth trials have been postponed until further notice, but the Club will be in touch with new dates as soon as guidelines allow. Please contact Melissa at any time if you have any concerns or would like to register your interest.

    Our youth academy offers a proven pathway to professional and semi-professional football and we welcome your interest.
  • 9th April

    Kit Drawing Competition

    Throughtout the UK lockdown we ran a competition to Design Our Kit. A huge thank you to all the youth players who entered our ‘Design a Kit’ competition.

    We had numerous fantastic designs and our panelists had a tough time picking the winners! The panel had to think long and hard to find a top three... Congratulations to the three winners, who will receive their prizes at the start of next season:

    1st - James Thrilling, U11s, (McDonald’s logo)
    2nd - Oliver Cohen, U8s, (horizontal stripes)
    3rd - Rafi Bibring, U8s (vertical stripes)
  • 8th March

    Sunday Roundup

    U7 Blue
    Up against a really good side today, the team did really well to keep up with them most of the game. Passing is looking better but defensively not as good as past couple of weeks. Not at our best and lessons learned from both the boys and the coach! The lads are developing faster than ever this season, so very encouraging.

    U8 Blue
    The team were a little rusty having not really played together for a few weeks, but they showed a lot of heart in fighting back into the game on several occasions. Great keeping performances from Brandon and Ilan summed up the determination of the team to dig out a really good outcome. The game was a real battle and the kids are learning that skill alone will not always be the decisive factor.

    U8 Yellow
    Despite a late kick off, the boys came out flying, even scoring with the 4th kick of the game. After just ten minutes the boys were comfortably winning. A degree of complacency seem to settle in and the boys started coming off second best. That said Theo was linking up well with Jake and breaking free on a few occasions. The pace of the game didn’t slow down in the second half, especially as the heavens opened. Logan and Rory ran their socks off whilst Jake made some strong saves in goal. Oli never stopped trying wherever he was playing on the pitch. The boys had some great shots that somehow were answered by some impressive goalkeeping. It was a good effort by the boys in pretty horrid occasions. If the boys learn one thing from the today’s game, that is no game is won until the final whistle is blown.

    U10 White
    The team travelled to a strong opposition who are well drilled, organised and physical. This didn't put the boys off as they were instructed to play their own way which is very effective when done right. An okay performance from Wingate in the first half only to allow two shots on target which is always positive to look at but ultimately two shots two goals which is the difference in this league. Second half was like watching a different team. Wingate boys were asked to show more desire, win the one on one personal battles, follow all shots, be more aggressive in passing and giving their all in the second half which it was their game to lose. As the game played out some tired legs and effort was always on point second half. Cannot fault that second half performance and they go into next week a stronger team knowing they can get what they deserve next week. Well done boys and a great attitude by all in that second half!

    U10 Blue
    The team played at home against a well disciplined team. Breaking down the opposition's defence through quick direct passing to the wings led to a number of opportunities that were unable to be converted into goals. The second half started stronger with improved defensive positioning and tackling. Goals from Henry and Joshy with Man of the Match going to goalkeeper Finlay

    U11 White
    An amazing response to last week's challenges! The boys took the game to their opponents playing full and flowing football and not allowing them to get into the game . Passing, moving and positional play was all spot on and unfortunately due to a lack of concentration we did let a couple slip through the net. Goals today from Itai, Josh, Mohamed, Bailey and a special mention to Jake who's headed (top bins!) goal came from a move which most players were involved in, moving the ball from one side to the other culminating in a inch perfect cross and a fantastic finish. Keep working hard boys because the progress is really starting to show!

    After 5 weeks without a game, the U15s played a Spring Cup game against London Maccabi Brady White. Any rustiness was blown away with a great warm up and the boys started the game very much on the front foot, creating a number of good chances . As has been the case however this season, a lapse in concentration saw us concede a needless penalty and we went one down. The boys did not let this setback affect them and played some great football especially from Adaiel which saw Will win a penalty which Josh confidently tucked away to even things up. Some more good team play saw Josh chase down a through ball from Sam to expertly round the keeper and slot home A good team talk at half term to ensure the team maintained focus , saw us continue where we left off in the 1st half and Will surged through their defence before crossing for Ben to slide home. Great defensive play all round from the boys saw us easily snuff out any threat Brady had and with a bit more composure in front of goal, we would have scored more goals but we run out deserved winners.

    Champions !!!

    Wingate & Finchley U16’s have retained their London FA County Cup against Buckhurst Hill.

    Link to more photos of the day

    The players all travelled together on the coach to the Fisher Athletic ground in south London for a 4 o’clock kick off. In front of a sizeable crowd, Wingate started the brightest, having a couple of early chances, hitting the post and putting Buckhurst Hill under pressure. It looked like it was going to be one of those days, plenty of possession but unable to score. After about 30 minutes Marlon went on one of his runs into the box and was brought down, penalty. Charlie R stepped up and blasted in down the middle. 1-0. Having scored the goal, the boys settled down and started to play the ball around a lot more. Half time came 1-0. Again, Wingate started the strongest and some of the play in the second half was a joy to watch. Halfway through the second half, Felix, who had just come on as a substitute, was put through and from what seemed an impossible angle, slid the ball into the far corner. 2-0. Playing with even more confidence Wingate piled on more pressure and with ten minutes to goal, Luca calmly made it 3-0, having gone round the keeper, then the last defender and tapping it home. With 5 minutes left Buckhurst Hill scored a consolation goal, which although we knew would not make a difference, kept the boys on their toes for the final few minutes. Final score 3-1. Congratulations to all the squad on a fine performance.

    This game was a close encounter with both teams evenly matched. The Wingate boys had a slow start allowing Cheshunt to take the lead after 10 mins. They doubled their lead after 20 mins due to some sloppy defending at the back. The Wingate boys worked really hard to get back into the game and started to dominate possession. We created three clear cut chances, the best if these resulting in Sam hitting the post after a great move down the left. HT score 2-0 down. We started the second half strongly and pulled a goal back from the penalty spot, Sam coolly converting the spot kick. Wingate equalised through Antoine and at this point we were in control of the match. Unfortunately the boys got caught out at the back allowing Cheshunt to take the lead again. Wingate were still creating numerous chances but could not find the equaliser. In the last five minutes the boys threw caution to the wind trying to score and as a result were caught on the break to give Cheshunt their fourth. The scoreline was harsh on the boys as a draw would have been a fair result.
  • 1st March

    Sunday Roundup

    U7 White
    This morning's early rise didn’t deter the boys. They were ready and raring to go. Organised from the off which did tail off in the last few minutes of the game but the boys flow in the last few weeks has been fantastic. Special mention to Max this week who not only was instrumental in the score line bagging 5 goals but was outstanding between the sticks too. Hat trick hero Joey arrived back today and other goals from Harry, Anand, and Blake. Well done the boys!

    U7 Blue
    Great team performance. We need to work more on clearing the ball and not gifting away goals, but generally our defending as a team was absolutely magnificent. We hit our opponents on the break often, and enjoyed some of the space we found from playing that way. The boys worked their socks off. The last few weeks have seen a surge in development and improvement for all players. Their patience, tenacity and perseverance through a difficult patch earlier in the season has paid off. Thanks to the coaching team and travelling supporters as ever.

    U8 Yellow

    The boys made their return back to Summers Lane and picked up where they left off. The pitch is a bit narrower so we went out with a game plan of pass and move. The boys did this to perfection from the starting whistle to the final whistle. The intensity of the game was so high. Theo, Oli Cohen, Logan and Issac with Jake joining the party when he came out of goal.
    Most importantly the boys really played as a team, knowing when one more pass is on or when decision is required and shot was to be had. They are all happy nowadays to chip with a bit of goalkeeping and switching positions or dropping back to allow someone to progress forward. For all the attractiveness of their game today on the eye, these boys battle. Special mention must go to Oli and Jake who are so, so committed in well timed challenges. Today was a pleasure. Issac S scores the majority of the games and between himself and Logan battled out for screamer of the day. Theo and Oli also on the scoresheet.

    U9 White
    The boys produced another impressive display against strong opposition and showed great attacking play throughout the game. The team were boosted with the return of Isaac following a lengthy injury and he showed his ability straight away in the forward line helping to create a number of chances. Special mention to Riley who made his debut and showed the quality he will bring to the team in the final weeks of the season. Jesse capped a fine display with a well taken goal after cutting in from the right and striking the ball into the corner of the net.

    U9 Blue
    Good game today everyone! And a draw coming back from being a goal down. . Impressive pressing and chasing down the ball - they’ve now worked out that by making the opposition have less time to do something is better than jumping in straight away! Goals from Samuel and Aariyan, MoM by some way was Yash for a succession of match saving tackles and clearances. So proud to see them developing their game individually and as a team!

    U10 White
    The boys started the game in a different formation today and yet showed their composure, their strength, their attitude and of course teamwork to put in a very solid display. We wanted to show an ability to switch the ball in the early stages which unfortunately wasn't happening. Although a very comfortable shape and ability to work the ball in triangles, we were able to open their opposition up quite early on. Breaks coming from Marc-Vincent, Alessandro and David who were all playing in the midfield together for the first time this season showcasing their strength in breaking through and giving our striker Tyler opportunity to score. Marc-Vincent was showing his skill to be able to beat the player on the wing to whip in a numerous crosses which unfortunately for the whites no one was able to get onto the end of them.
    Second half was a lot different from the first in terms of physicality with the team needing to tackle last ditch after some sloppy passes went astray, but the boys showed their character to fight and get back in to cover one another throughout the pitch. Working from the front, back through midfield and back into defence. A truly stunning display by all the boys who can go into next week with a positive attitude after that well oiled performance. Well done boys, come on you whites!

    U10 Blue
    The boys continued their form from last week despite a cold start. Struggled early on getting their passing going and keeping the ball but were resolute at the back with some fantastic saves from Fin which kept us in the game. As the first half wore on the blues grew in confidence however it took a worldy from Cruz to fire the team up. Cruz took up the ball on the right hand side, cut in and bent the ball into the top corner from outside the box! From then on in our passing and movement became more fluid and we began to attack with more frequency. Although at times we were guilty of over committing numbers and getting caught on the counter. Henry made a numbers of tackles to break up various attacks and was solid all day. Therefore he was our thoroughly deserved MoM today. The second half continued as the first ended with goals from Joshy and another from Cruz. Very pleasing performance all round although just need to work on keeping our shape and discipline in attack.

    U11 White
    The group as a whole probably played their best football of the season taking absolutely everything on board culminating in two great strikes from Ruffi. Second half was a different story as the opposition scored from a penalty, a free kick and a well worked goal. Cannot praise our boys enough for their hard work and they continued to play their football throughout. This game has a mental side to it too and teaching boys of this age how to cope with the ups and downs of a match is difficult . Even some of the best premier league teams struggle! This is clearly something they will have to learn and address as they get older and a part of the game that they will need to develop. Well done all

    U11 Blues
    A good team performance in challenging, windy conditions that demanded adaption and pragmatism over rigidly following coaching practice. Goals from Raymond, Anish and an own goal but some rather poor defending made for a high scoring game. Rafi once again shone in goal reflecting his hard work with the club goalkeeping coach as well as his normal squad training showing that success and excellence come from dedication and practice
  • Youth Trials For Next Season

    We are pleased to announce that the youth trials for next season will be held in the first week of May (Tue 5th, Thurs 7th and Bank Holiday Friday 8th), for players of all ages from Under 7 upwards. Please see the flier below for full details, and then fill out the registration form at this link.

  • 23rd February

    Sunday Roundup

    U16 side reach Cup Final
    After 2 previous attempts to get the game played, Wingate & Finchley U16’s finally played their London FA County Cup semi final versus Lewisham Borough FC at Barnet Lane. As current holders of the cup, there was pressure on the team to reach the final again. The boys were in a confident mood before kick off and it was not long before we took the lead through Marlon with a simple tap in. Lewisham scored a few minutes later after a lack in concentration in defence. 1-1.
    Having been in total control of the game the shock equaliser spurred the boys on. Within the space of 10 minutes Marlon scored 2 more goals. 3-1 Just before half time Charlie P rifled in a shot from just outside the box to make it 4-1 at half time. Playing with the wind in the second half the intensity dropped a bit, but midway through the half, substitute Alex put through on goal scored our fifth. Lewisham again scored, 5-1, before Luke, chipped their keeper to make the final score 6-1.

    We now go forward to play Buckhurst Hill in the final on the 8th March!

    U7 White
    A strong performance from the boys on a windy Sunday! Not much in the way of good looking passing football early on however that soon changed and we later found some rhythm. Harry setting up Anand on a few occasions for some of his 4 goals! The favour then returning with Harry netting a hatrick. Other goals from Max, Joey and Blake. Well done to the boys and looking forward to next week.

    U8 Yellow
    After a few weeks off due to the weather, the boys were raring to go. The boys started the game well passing nicely among themselves. This is something that has really improved as the season has gone on....pass, and move. They boys were taking intelligent corners and one from Theo paid off, nice and low finding Oli who put us in the lead. Our midfield (Theo, Jake B and Rory) and Jake glass in defence kept breaking down the oppositions advances. Special mention should go to Rory who kept very well for half the match in very windy conditions. In the second half, a quick goal kick by Jake set Issac off. Issac managed to hold off the opposition defenders and took the ball all the way home. The opposition pulled one back which could have led to a nervy few last minutes with only one goal in it. However, Jake and Rory combined to release Issac and bang - goal! Even when a player made a mistake, the words of support from the rest of the team made me even prouder of these boys.

    U9 White
    The team showed great character to bounce back and produce an outstanding display. Despite missing Luke and Isaac again through injury the team pulled together and produced some great attacking play. The passing was outstanding at times and every player played their part with a strong work ethic and tracking back when they didn’t have the ball. Taylor scored two impressive goals while Raphael and Fran also got on the scoresheet. Jayden M was the standout player and capped a fine display with two goals - one of which was an unstoppable free-kick from the halfway line.

    U9 Blue
    Very good performances all round this week, the team did very well! The boys came back into the game with goals from Aariyan and Rupert from being a couple of goals down and with more time, would have scored at least another. Special mention to Samuel for getting up and down the pitch and giving their defence no rest! Thanks to the parents for handling the half time changes in a supportive manner.

    U10 White
    A slow start but the boys played the ball around from the back and opened opportunities within the field of play when trying to find a pass. The team were encouraged to open the gaps and switch the play in order for them to play forward and open the gates into the opposition half and defence. With an early goal and quick decision making, the boys took advantage of goal scoring opportunities, including an inch perfect free kick from Alessandro! With a tricky start to the second half, the boys were physically and mentally tested. The boys recovered well as a team and started again to play as one. With a flurry of possession and playing as a team the opportunity came for David to step up this time to lash home a long range freekick into the top corner which was worthy of a round applause from everyone. A great overall team effort, well done!!

    U10 Blue
    The team produced a much welcomed performance against a fast-paced attacking opposition. Playing out from the back and playing the ball out wide created numerous opportunities across the 50 minutes.There was a marked improvement in our defensive qualities with a very confident display by all. Goals followed from Joshy and Cruz which carried the team's momentum to the very end. Man of the match went to Seth who confidently kept possession and at every opportunity looked to spread play.

    U11 white
    We always look to take positives from all our games and it was good to see a number of the boys listening . A very slow start, maybe due to the early morning and we never really got into our stride. However goals did come from Jake, Josh and Ruffi with only one reply . We continue to work really hard in training and hope that what is being taught is consistently used on match days. Its great to see that the whole team continue to set their standards high and want to carry on improving.

    U11 Blue
    The unbeaten run stretches to seven now with a battling backs to the wall game of attrition, a real rest of character! We used our pace where needed and even a first goal for captain for the day Khoi, who got the final touch to a couple of rebounds off post and keeper. The boys showed great ability for match management rather than trying to stretch the lead as man-of-the-match Jamie and fellow back three members Dylan and James held firm towards the end. Rafi was heroic in goal, with a growing ability in reading when to advance on the 'trigger'. He's a real 'sweeper-keeper' and we need that because we do play a high line and press the opposition and play into the other half as much as possible. With Liad tucking away a winner, with a move on break from back to front and just a minute on the clock, our boys were elated!

    This was a hugely impressive performance from the team today against a top team. We lost our keeper in the warm up but the boys dealt with that well, playing from the first whistle with intelligence and energy. It was 0-0 at half time but we felt as if we edged it, then goals from Josh and Ben sandwiched an equaliser from Enfield, all in the second half. We had to win that game today to keep alive our chance of winning the league - the boys responded brilliantly to that challenge.

    A really gutsy performance by the boys today against an unbeaten St Albans team. After conceding early, against the run of play, we dug in and continued to give a good account of ourselves. St Albans doubled their lead after half an hour to go in 2-0 up at the break. A couple of fresh bodies on for the second half gave the boys a new lease of life. We started to dominate possession and pulled a goal back through Yann with a tidy finish into the bottom corner. We created several other chances but could not find the equaliser. The boys did not deserve to lose today and all 15 of them worked their socks off. Great effort!
  • 16th February

    Sunday Roundup

    U7 blue
    Conditions were difficult which affected performance, focus and application. We need to learn not to be “fair weather” only players. But I believe this will improve naturally with age and more exposure to varying conditions. We did a lot better than the previous match with this opposition. In training and in games we have improved a lot quicker this year than during 2019 period. Looking forward to a strong end to the season with the lads.

    U9 blue In atrocious conditions, we went behind twice and equalised twice! Had chances to win.. Have been swapping positions to see how the team react, and the boys coped well with this. The boys never gave up, I am so proud of them!

    U9 White The boys failed to build on their recent good run of form and struggled to get their passing game going in awful conditions. Concentration has been a key factor this season but the team struggled in this department and will learn a lot from this experience. Taylor was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet while Fran saw his effort cleared off the line but chances were at a premium. Plenty to work on for the next game to ensure we reach our normal high standards.

    U10 Blue A wind-swept morning brought an exciting game to Barnet Lane in what was a closely fought contest going down to the last few minutes. As Wingate set themselves up for attacking play they quickly were on the receiving end of some well crafted moves by the opposition, proving that marking and pressing the ball is critical. In the second half it was Wingate's turn with a hatrick from Noam and a superb goal into the roof of the net by Seth. Incredible defending by Cruz and a strong sense of pride by the team sets them up well for Tuesday training and next Sunday's game.

    U11 White The cold weather and driving rain seemed to affect our boys more than our opponents. Our passing and weight of pass was not on point and we allowed ourselves to get broken down too easily . Josh hit the post , Mohamed's header was well saved by the goalie. Down the other end Zack got well off his line to stop a couple of goal scoring chances . Unfortunately two breakaway goals ruined our day. Can't fault the boys for their effort and will be reminding them that even professional footballers make mistakes, Villa v Spurs on Sunday a prime example (sorry David T!).

    U12 white A convincing win vs APB with storm Dennis leaving Barnet lane alone for 45 mins. With hatricks from both Peter and Luke Wingate’s finishing was on point as they were deadly in front of goal. It had to be said that even though we defended so well Arkin had to make 3 really good saves to keep Wingate ahead. As a team we've really been trying in recent weeks to pass the ball with more fluidity and movement ... and at times the boys achieved this. Luke was definitely on form as he looked dangerous every time he was on the ball. We definitely were the more aggressive team with hard tackling from josh, Juan and Gabriel, to win us the ball back and put us on the attack . Ricco's hard work paid off with a goal after the keeper made a great save from Luke’s shot, Ricco stayed on his toes to get to the ball quickly and tap home.

    U14 White Storm Dennis nearly blew us off course today. Cruising 3-0 at half term with goals from Luca, Ibrahim and a first for the club for Nathan, Harlow Town then scored immediately after half time and then scored two more, one a really good finish. At 3-3 and all the momentum with Harlow, we could easily have lost it. But Leo popped up to score the winner from just inside the box and we then managed to see the game out. Both teams tried to play the ball on the ground despite the conditions, a credit to the boys.
  • 2nd February

    Sunday Roundup

    U7 White
    An amazing performance today from the boys. They bounced back from last weeks tribulations and seized their moments. The passing today was exquisite, with balls being played by the defenders to their forward players in true style. The boys learned from previous games and set themselves up beautifully. The link up play between Joey and Blake today was special to watch with both of them setting each other up for their hatricks. Harry also found his shooting boots and got himself back on the score sheet. Well done boys!

    U7 Blue
    We trained during the week on reactions and spoke about it before the game. The message really hit home with the boys as they got back fast and in numbers when needed. The new coaching system is working well for the team and for this we are most appreciative.
    We played a good team with 5 subs! U7 blue went back to what we are good at- not always pretty but proved to be effective - well done to each and every player.

    U8 White
    On a freezing cold Day and in thick mud Wingate under 8 whites played as much football as possible given the conditions. The boys moved the ball where they could and special mention to Frankie who chipped in with three goals. Harry scored five including a superb Solo goal dummying his opponent whilst Yoni scored a wonderful freekick which found the top corner

    U8 Blue
    Wingate U8 Blue played their best 20 minutes of the season in the first half today. Sitting back and sucking the opposition in before hitting them with quick counter-attacking passing and clinical finishing. Every player got on the score sheet - smiles all round. The team have really started to learn that passing beats dribbling and that every player needs to defend.

    U8 Yellow
    Meeting up at 0830 was a shock to the system for the manger, but the Wingate U8 Yellow boys were buzzing. This excitement flowed into the game with the boys passing the ball well , stretching the opposition and creating several chances. However, against the run of play the boys found themselves a goal down. This, though, proved to be a real turning point. Heads definitely did NOT drop. They boys continued to play good football with strong runs from Theo and Rory out of midfield and the goals started to flow. Goals were spread across the team with Jake B scoring his first goals for the club. Jake G at the back made sure the opposition did not get much of a look. It was very impressive to see how the boys played the game over the forty minutes.

    U9 White
    U9 Whites produced another outstanding display as every player contributed to an impressive all-round team performance. Passing and movement was among the best we have seen this season and we improved a great deal in our tracking back which stopped the opposition from breaking down our defence.
    Luke and the two Jayden’s were superb at the back and provided the catalyst for our attacking players to show their quality in the final third. Taylor netted an impressive brace, while Isaac, Nathan and Raphael also got their name on the scoresheet.
    The team spirit is growing stronger by the week and a number of positives can be taken from this game moving forward.

    U9 Blue
    A determined and resolute team performance today got us a draw having been on the back foot.
    All goals in second half, we changed the players frequently and this opened the game up for both teams.
    A brace from top scorer Aariyan and excellent defending with boys playing in unfamiliar positions and getting increasingly tired as the game progressed.Seeing proper improvement each week and it’s great to see :-)

    U10 White
    The team looked to start how they left off from the previous weeks. High tempo, high press and winning their individual battles. The boys started brightly and were instantly causing problems. Their usual formation led to many problems and genuinely unsettling their opponents from the get go. We focused on keeping the ball, making quick passes and learning to turn out and switch the play. They did this with ease and caused many problems for their opposition. Wingate moved the ball with confidence throughout the team and gained a lot of ground in doing so. When they did lose the ball it was like a swarm of bees moving in and closing down the opposition to quickly regain the possession. Some one touch play enabled us to open up their defence and with our players able to take their chances. Everyone played a part today and they can all be very happy with themselves. Our teamwork was phenomenal today and faultless across the whole pitch so well done.

    U10 Blue
    The U10 Blues continued to show grit and determination in another competitive match. Supporting each other proved difficult at types but when play became more fluid and confidence grew, the movement both on and off the ball was encouraging. A first half goal from Seth going into half time prove critical providing extra momentum to the team in the second half. Man of the match went to Huey for his composure and consistency at the back.

    U11 White
    Credit where credits due , this group of boys probably played their best football of the season and away from the hallowed turf of Barnet Lane . 2 goals from Ruffi and 2 from Christian today , 1 for Mohammed and 1 for josh and only 1 reply .In this instance i must thank the coaching team of Jonny and Lee whose words of wisdom are sinking in and the boys are taking it into every game. There's a top quality coaching set up within the club and this will only improve with time. Special mention to Jake who was immense today and to Zac who won our player of the month .

    U11 Blue
    A below par overall performance today with most of the team being asked to adapt to unfamiliar roles against an opposition they had beaten comfortable on two previous occasions...not taking things for granted but part of their footballing education.
    Two goals from Calvin playing up front on his own for the first time this season ~ one a penalty which he won for himself with some never say die challenging for the ball and getting into a dangerous situation in which he was then fouled; the other result of some great inter-play with Anish before turning and slotting home from just inside the box.
    The third goal went to Leo's predatory instincts but not until after he put in a masterful first half playing at the back.
    A dogged and determined display from Khoi epitomised the day which was one more for pragmatism than flair.
    Disappointing to concede two late goals; but with all the changing around understandable.
    This group continue to listen and learn; progress and improve and that is exactly what we ask of them!

    U14 EJA
    This was a really difficult game to play in, on a very sticky pitch and with a strong wind. Concord scored very early and although the boys battled throughout, they couldn't find their usual fluency. We had good chances early in the second half but didn't take them, then Concord scored again in the middle of the second half. Concord played the conditions better than us, a valuable lesson to learn, and deserve their place in the final.

    U15 White
    Very even game settled by a goal 5 minutes from time - boys kept battling and were unfortunate to lose
  • 26th January

    Sunday Roundup

    U7 White
    Good to see that when the boys passed the ball and created good looking football, they scored. We were by far the stronger team but at times made defensive errors. Well played from Blake (1) and Joey (2) who both found the scoresheet. We had many chances that just weren't converted this time, but we march on to next week..

    U7 Blue
    Started with a good shape but ended with very little shape as we chased the game. Came up against a better side today and didn’t get the run of the green at important moments in the game. Lots of work to do. The lads have showed themselves able to turn around below par performances so we look for the same next week.

    U8 White
    U8 whites played well for 3/4 of their match today with some great 2 touch passing exemplified by Luca who started and finished two early moves. Some superb football undid the opposition with Rafi and Harry feeding Luke to score 4 times with Harry getting 2 himself. Unfortunately some slack defending allowed the opposition to get closer than they should have been and the boys stopped playing as a team in the final quarter. Lots to work on, particularly to continue trusting each other, even when the going gets tough.

    U8 Blue
    U8 Blues played with great attacking swagger (albeit with some defensive abandonment at times). Their first half was brilliant and their quick breaking and passing was too much for the opposition, with Eddie in goal keeping everything else. 4 goals for Philip and 4 for Brandon (including a trademark 3 minute hat trick). Eddie and Jamie also got onto the scoresheet. Another great effort.

    U8 Yellow
    The boys were greeted to a traditional Sunday League pitch, one that was very different from Barnet Lane. The boys struggled to adjust to the conditions at first and fell behind early doors. However they boys spirits got stronger as the game went on and it was good to see them come back into the game. The boys played football despite such an uneven surface; and became stronger in the tackle and crisper with the pass as the game went on. The boys need to be more clinical in front of goal and more reactive to the second ball. A good Sunday league game of football! Goals from Oli Cohen and Jake G.

    U9 White
    U9 Whites were back to their best and showed great commitment and application to get back to their normal high standards. The passing was superb at times and the movement off the ball contributed to some great attacking play throughout the game. Nathan scored a brace that included a great effort into the top corner. Raphael, Jayden M, Fran & Taylor also got on the scoresheet.

    U9 Blue
    U9 blues played well against a physical and very organised team, a nice goal from Ethan.

    U10 White
    Under 10 whites where set to focus on using the ball more instead of dribbling and driving with the ball. The pitch set the tone and didn't allow us to move it freely - proper Sunday league pitch! A tale.of two halves but sheer brilliance and execution from the team to be able to play nicely. Proud parents on the touch line enable us to here them applauding the boys in their way. A clever corner routine allowed Alessandro to bang home a low drive into the corner of the net which caught the oppo out many times..
    A comfortable first half and it was ours to lose in the second half. Stand in keeper Finley made some heart stopping saves along with a finger tip onto the post to deny the oppo on a few occasions. A second half to contradict the first and the best was to sum up was to call it chalk and cheese. Complete opposite! Goals from Doug and a hat-trick from Alessandro proved to be our positives. Great work first half and team commitment. Second half we have to show our consistency a lot more and not to think the game is finished .. well played to all the whites. A MOM performance from Alessandro!

    U10 Blue
    The team put on a galiant home display despite picking up a few injuries along the way... At times only playing with 4 outfield players all members of the team dug deep to keep the opposition pinned in their half having numerous opportunities to convert. A brace from Seth and a well placed shot very calmly taken by Huey added to the excitement of the closing half.. A big well done to the team with man of the match going to Prince for showing outstanding attitude discipline and desire.

    U11 White
    U11 Whites continue to improve week after week taking on board all the information from the last few training sessions . A great first half with an opposition OG and then goals from Josh and joseph to set them on their way. Second half we played for 20 mins in second gear allow the oppo back into the game a couple of times.
    However once we put our foot back on the pedal it clearly showed what a great attacking team we can be with goals from Mohamed and Rafi . This squad and in fact this whole age group continually want to learn and improve and the high quality training is show how we can develop both squads. Thumbs up for everyone

    U11 Blue
    Probably the best all round team performance of the season in difficult conditions on a challenging pitch.
    A clean sheet; neutralised 2 outstanding individual opponents & superb match management once ahead. A spectacular opening goal on the counter from Yoav recipient of Anish's class through ball & a proper hat-trick from tap in, a worldy & another trademark Blues quick transition from our keeper Rafi who was faultless today to the back of their net without the opposition touching the ball

    U12 White
    A game of 2 half’s ending with the points shared away to Enfield Rangers....
    Wingate seemed to have started the first half still asleep in bed with a very lazy approach to the game. This resulted in Enfield Rangers scoring two really good goals and one in which could be their goal of a season with a thunderbolt into the top corner from 18 yards. A half time team talk was very much required and a couple of position changes saw our whole attitude towards the game change. The work rate was unreal and the passing even better with great link up plays from our defence through to midfield. We were a completely different team second half, Enfield Rangers could not get out of their half for 30 mins..... we made it 2-1 about 10 mins into the second half with a well worked goal through midfield and a slip ball from Ricco to find Daniel on edge of the box to fire hard and low into the bottom corner. This lifted the team more and ten mins later peter crossed to Daniel to volley home our second. Alex did a great job in midfield to keep the defences jobs easier and the back three of Luke, Josh and Juan were unbelievable in stopping the ball pass the half way line. We chased for a winner but was unfortunate not to get it. A very entertaining game but a lesson in playing well and working hard for the full game . We host top of the league Hampstead on Sunday.

    U15 White
    U15 were poor today and played an exceptionally good and well disciplined Harrow youth side who passed the ball round very well . To their credit the boys never gave up but a harsh reality lesson today. MOM: Will.

    U18 EJA
    A long trip up the M1 for the U18's to play against Newport Pagnell on their first team pitch. Wingate started at a high tempo and took the game to the opposition from the first whistle. The boys took the lead after 10 minutes with a tidy finish by Ethan after a through ball from Dan. Wingate doubled the lead 5 minutes later with a goal from Matt.
    We were in full control of the game and were adapting well to the worsening rainy conditions. The third goal came just before half time with a neat finish from Sam. His first start for a long while due to injury and it was good to see him back. We dominated the second half but could not add to the 3-0 from the first half. To be fair to Newport Pagnell they defended far better in the second half but did not really threaten our goal.
    Final score: Newport Pagnell U18's 0 Wingate & Finchley U18's 3
  • 19th January

    Sunday Roundup

    U7 White
    A frozen pitch wouldn’t stop the Unders 7s White today. Once they warmed up and got the pitch playable they were superb! We lacked a little defensively at times which we felt the repercussions of but to be fair it was like playing on an a school ground, concrete pitch! We soon found our rhythm having conceded a couple of early goals but the boys got stuck in and found their way back. Two hatrick hero’s today from Anand and Joey who took their goals amazingly well with finishes any number 9 would be proud of. Well done to the boys on another great week.

    U7 Blue
    After turning our season around towards the end of last year with great performances, competing with teams that previously overan us, we hit a bump in the road last week.
    This week, we talked about cutting out mistakes and playing risk-free football and the boys responded with very few mistakes, if any, today. A great performance from all the boys. Superb Individual performances from Eli (his best game of the season), Daniel (6 goals), defending and teamwork masterclasses from Jackson, Toby, Noah, kobi , coops.

    U8 White
    U8 whites performed superbly today against a good HGS team. Playing with total freedom they moved the ball superbly to create overloads and to constantly find themselves in 3 on 2 and 2 on 1 situations. What was more pleasing was that each player played for the team and created goal after goal for each other. MOM was yoni with a superb performance and some great goals. special mention to rafi who scored a half volley into the top corner

    U8 Blues
    U8 blue showed real desire to fight their way back into the game this morning. They couldn’t get going in the first half and saw themselves the wrong side of luck and posts and crossbars. Eventually their persistence paid off and they came home happy! Goals from Eddie (2) and Brandon and man of the match display from Jonah

    U8 Yellow
    The style of football the team plays improves each game and today was further progress. The boys continue with a lot of short sharp passes and just need to have a bit more patience before trying to unlock oppositions. At the same time, the boys are competing physically. It was definitely a strong team performance but could do with being more ruthless in front of goal. Goals from theo and a penalty from Oli Cohen.

    U9 White
    U9 Whites failed to live up to their normal standards and never got going, especially in the first half. Defending and tackling were way below what we expect and the team only got going in the final quarter of the game. Jesse got on the scoresheet with a good finish and Joshua was outstanding in goal with some amazing saves. Plenty to work on in training this week.

    U9 Blues
    A frozen solid pitch suited us better in first half with two goals from Aariyan and one from Ethan, a totally dominant display. The second half their team were bigger and got more into the game. A very impressive display all round from our boys!

    U10 White
    A delightful display from our u10s whites. We put what we learned in training and the work rate straight into a game. We worked on our defensive area of the game and it was perfect man to man. A high tempo, high press and touch tight Marking was Excellent. David our man of the match was having a fantastic afternoon after a penalty miss, which his head never dropped after. A surging run from his own half powering through players like they wasn't there to drill a hard low effort into the far corner. Half time and it was plain and simple instructions, play as you are and see the game out. Some challenges in the second half to stop your heart but the boys marched on for David and Toby to get on the scoresheet again. Overall a thoroughly hard fought battle which helped from well organised drills in training, commitment and most importantly TEAMWORK! Well done whites!

    U10 Blue
    Really bright and positive start from the u10 Blues today. They began at a good tempo and continue to grow in confidence week on week with their pressing, passing and ball retention. At times they were fantastic in moving the ball around and taking up good positions when on the attack. Both Noam, Seth and Prince again driving the attacks forward with penetrative runs. However were sometimes guilty of not releasing the ball quick enough to put Joshy in on goal or advance the attack. Despite this they continued to pressure the opposition with more success and won a well deserved penalty. Finishing the first half on a high. The focus today was on winning the ball and limiting the time, space and options we gave the opposition. Everyone stuck to their tasks predominantly despite some lapses. But as the second half wore on fatigue set in and our work rate and concentration levels began to slip. At times losing our shape and affording the opposition too much time without engaging. To be fair without subs the team valiantly dug in. Finley though was being called upon more frequently and standing up to everything thrown at him. Earning himself a thoroughly deserved man of the match performance. Overall very encouraging and positive performance with more work to do on our defensive responsibilities.

    U11 White
    U11 whites continue to improve each week taking something new into their game. Decision making and weight of pass were spot on and ball retention and desire to win the ball back was second to none. Goals from Itai , Reuben , Olly and Mohamed and a clean sheet from Zac. Just got to keep playing at our pace

    U11 Blue
    A great performance on grass (hooray!)
    Goals from Nathan & Leo 2. A willingness to buy into positional changes & a half-time discussion shows increased maturity & team ethic. Well done every single player!

    U16 EJA
    Up against a large and well drilled East London Soccer School team in the Quarter Finals of the County Cup at Barnet Lane, Wingate took an early 2 goal lead with goals from Marlon and Khion.
    The team lost concentration and the opposition pulled a goal back following a quick break. Wingate restored its 2 goal advantage when Felix, the shortest player on the pitch, got his head on a cross to make it 3-1. Again, a lack in concentration resulted in a soft goal for the opposition, 3-2 at half time.
    Early in the second Felix was cut in half by their goalkeeper, no penalty !!! Although both teams had chances in the second half it looked like Wingate would hold on, but with 4 minutes to go the opposition were awarded a questionable penalty which they converted.
    Full time 3-3 straight to penalties.
    Wingate finally triumphed, converting all its 5 penalties with East London missing 1.
    A hard fought victory by all 16 squad members.
    Onto Semi Finals against Lewisham Borough on February 9th.
  • 12th January

    Sunday Roundup
    Under 7 Whites
    Under 7s whites had a proper day of football this afternoon on a proper boggy pitch! It was hard for them to string a succession of passes together however the boys took the task in hand grasped it with two feet! Hats off to Harry who bagged a handful of goals today. In addition to Max and Blake’s braces! We continue our great form for 2020! Well done boys.

    Under 7 Blues
    First game back saw us start with a very lethargic effort and attitude, which continued for most of the game. For most of the game the teams were evenly matched. Great support from parents as ever and the boys enjoyed the game - great onfield and off-field camaraderie between the players which is also part of their development.

    Under 8 Blues
    U8 blues put in a very complete performance. A pre match drill designed to get the boys to get their heads up and switch the play worked wonders and saw the team take control early in the game. Goals were shared around with every player scoring bar Ilan - the man of the match!

    Under 9 Whites
    U9 Whites showed great character on a boggy pitch to match strong opposition and prove they can compete with the top teams in the division. Isaac opened the scoring following a great free-kick from Jayden and Raphael provided the perfect flick on for Isaac to convert from close-range. Jayden then got his name on the scoresheet with a good finish from a tight angle. Joshua was once again outstanding in goal in a low scoring affair.

    Under 9 Blues
    U9s blues put in a solid display. A super goal from josh had us back in the game and a goal line clearance from Yash were the highlights. Along with great passing moves!

    Under 10 Blues
    Today was game of 2 halves for the u10 Blues between two evenly matched sides. After a slow start the blues grew into the game applying what they been working on in training with more confidence as we reached the half way point. Despite a strong start in the second half the opposition capitalised on their opportunities. However that didn’t deter the team from continuing to play with confidence moving the ball around, trying occupy the spaces and create options. They were soon rewarded for their efforts with a fantastic lob from Henry. The blues had further opportunities most notably with Cruz almost squeezing the ball in the inside of the post. Needed to be more committed in our pressing and winning the ball back though. The last few minutes saw a few dicey moments where we gave the ball away and afforded them too much time and space to play. MoM performance from Prince today. He was immense again winning the ball at every opportunity making driving runs and linking up the attacking play. Also solid performances from Seth and Noam also.

    U11 Whites
    Under 11 whites go from strength to strength with another great team performance. The boys are taking in so much from training and applying to their games that its really starting to show. The pressed , they opened their body up in order to see what was going on around them and they passed with purpose and a great weight of pass. Goals from Ronnie, Itai and a brace from Ruffi. Special praise for our goalie Zach who was cool and calm. A credit to all again. And another great atmosphere provided by spectators.

    Under 11 Blues
    Another very different sort of opposition today...a well versed in futsal so organisation and reading triggers for when to go in & win the ball was essential. Although the opposition had a lot of the ball we competed on even terms in the end with three excellent goals from Calvin, James & Yoav. Transition play was very fast & saw the last goal go from our keeper's hands to the back of their net without the opposition touching it.

    Under 12 Whites
    A very scrappy close fought game ended with WINGATE coming out as 2-1 victors. Game started very brightly with WINGATE controlling possession and moving the ball quickly. Some great passing ended with Daniel firing home in the bottom corner to put us one up. With heavy wind in his face Arkin had to be on his toes for some long range efforts which he saved comfortably. Unfortunately we couldn’t keep up the passing and the game went into a basketball style match with end to end stuff. Second half saw Arkin show why he is one of the best keepers in the league some amazing saves and goal line clearances saw him keep us ahead, but then unfortunately one crept through and Edgware equalised. We had a lot of pressure from Edgware and again Arkin was there to make a couple of brilliant saves. Soon after we took the lead with an Alex free kick which was beautifully struck. Some very nervous moments at the end see us grateful for the final whistle. Edgware unlucky not to get anything from the game. Arkin MOM

    Under 14s EJA
    Ware 1 Wingate and Finchley 3

    A game of two halves. In the first half the boys played poorly, sloppy in possession and making bad decisions. We still created chances but we were not playing well, going to the break at 1-1. The second half was so different. Crisp passing and movement off the ball meant we created numerous chances and scored two more goals to run out winners against a good Ware team. Two goals from Will and a well taken penalty from Josh got us the win

    Under 18s EJA
    Wingate 3. Cheshunt 8

    A very frustrating game at home against Cheshunt today. Wingate took a 2 nil lead through a brace from Yann. We should have been 6-0 up before Cheshunt even scored a goal. Cheshunt scored three goals to lead 3-2 at half time. A few injuries meant we had to alter the playing line up. This definitely affected our flow and we conceded a fourth goal after 55 mins. A penalty by Ethan brought Wingate back to 4-3. However, within a minute we conceded a very soft goal. The confidence of the boys was starting to ebb away and we conceded three late goals to lose 8-3. This was definitely a game of two halves and a scoreline not deserved. Lesson to learn - convert your goal scoring opportunities and never let your head a drop. Always keep working hard.
  • 22nd December

    Sunday Roundup
    U7 Blue can go I to the winter break with their heads held high. The last few weeks has seen nothing short of a monumental turnaround for the team and for individual development. Another great performance today with goals from Cooper (3) and Daniel (3), great and defending and teamwork from Eli, Jackson, Toby and Kobi - the boys stuck to the plan and got it there all. Noah played his best game of the season. There is still a lot of work to do but we are on the up and so proud of the lads. Parents - we have the loudest cheering and most encouraging parents of any club we have played against. This has played a huge part in motivating the boys. Many thanks.

    U7 White came in hot today! Back to their phenomenal passing and clinical finishing in front of goal. Hats off today to Tomisimi who scored by far of one best goals of the season on the half volley! Other goals from Anand (2) with another thunder strike, Blake with a superb header from a corner and Harry! Enjoy the break and looking forward to getting back to it next year!

    U9 Blue finished the year on a high with 2 goals each for Aariyan and Benji and 1 for Rupert. Some well taken goals and passing movements. Man of the match performance for the stand in keeper Josh!

    U9 White finished 2019 in great fashion with a superb all-round performance. Every player made a contribution and the team were rewarded for their hard work and impressive passing. Jayden B got things underway with a thunderous penalty before Taylor and Jesse got on the scoresheet. After the break the team kept up the pressure with futher strikes from Nathan and Raphael after good teamwork and this contined into the fourth quarter with a solo run and strike from Jayden B and a brace from Issac with two smart finishes. MOM was awarded to Raphael for his excellent midfield play but it could have been awarded to a number of the boys

    U10 Blue had a promising first half, however, came out in the second half quickly losing shape, discipline and football basics. The Christmas break will do the team a world of good and we go again in the new year.

    U10 White played away this morning and it was simply beautiful football played by the boys. The goals were set, win your 1-1 battles, pass and move, create angles for the passes and it will be a doddle of a game. Pressing from the front right through the team we dominated all areas of the game. A couple of 'off' moments was enough to get the boys urgency to raise again and push even harder. At half time the message to the boys was to keep the play the same but be patient and things will open up. Within 9 minutes of pressure, following up and playing 1-2s over the pitch, Douglas put another goal in the net. Then Oscar pulled off the unthinkable, in the corner with 3 players, forcing his way into the box from a tight angle, wiggled free to bury the keeper after some marvellous individual skill. Goals followed from Tyler and a glorious long range pick and slot home from Alessandro to add to earlier goals. MOTM goes to Alessandro for his role today and also the goal that he calmly converted. A tough decision as three players could of got this today but overall a very good performance and end to 2019 for the whites

    U11 Blue scored Four exceptionally good goals from Leo, James, Yoav and Liad put smiles on faces! Our next lesson to learn is to not panic when the oppositions supporters get vocal, we need to block out the noise and only hear our coaches! Shape and adhering to the passing ethos wins the game over that

    U11 White, A slightly disappointing end to the year for all as the team didnt show the fluid football they had played the last few weeks. A thundering header from Josh that smashed against the post was a particular highlight. I'm sure they will all be raring to go again in 2020.
  • 8th December

    Sunday Roundup
    U7 Blue had possibly our best game of the season today! Much effort and plenty of teamwork against one of the better sides in the division, if not the best. Last time out they outclassed us all over the pitch but not this time. Competing with this opponent was a big sign of our improvement after much hard work on the training ground and learning from some very tough recent games. In an attempt to stop leaking the many goals we have been conceding recently, we took a gamble. We went for a formation of 3 defenders and a lone Forward. The boys took to the plan and embraced it and it worked! We worked on marking and developing our defensive team unit. A masterclass from Toby in goal and Jackson at the back. Noa provided an incredible box-to-box game. Well taken goals from Daniel, Kobi, Cooper and Eli and we worked hard for those goals. All players defended very well. As coaches we learned about our strengths today and a possible style of play going forward. Special thanks to parents who have kept the boys motivated and interested through some very tough games in recent weeks. They just don’t give up and were duly rewarded for their efforts and their impressive development today, as individuals and as a team.

    U7 White had a comfortable early lead, however, the boys became complacent and took the opposition for granted with some silly defensive errors. Having said that we took our goals well, especially Anand who scored a thunder bolt from his own half! We learned and we go again next week!

    U8 Yellow, an early start for the boys and a curtailed warm-up session, meant that the boys were slow to get going. They were competing, but just not bossing it. However as the second half went on the boys got better, stronger and more dominant. Passing was better, more consecutive and more thoughtful. Possibly one of the teams strongest team performance. Goals were shared throughout the team. Man of the match has to go to the birthday boy Theo, however all the boys played their part! It should be mentioned the sportsmanship displayed by our opposition. The referee allowed play to continue, having called the ball out of play and they subsequently scored. Following this, their manager insisted that his boys allowed us to score immediately.

    U8 Blue put in another good display and are becoming a real team where every player plays their part. Battling back into the game with goals from Eddie, Ethan and Jonah saw them take control of the game and Philip scored two in the second half. Well done to Eddie with a hat trick and Jamie and Brandon who provided much needed energy. Ilan was as steady as ever with the gloves.

    U9 White failed to reach their normal standards in the first half and struggled to get their passing game going. But all credit to the players for changing their mentality at half-time and dominating proceedings in the second half. It shows the good character among the squad and the togetherness to turn the game around. Special mention to Raphael who scored a great goal into the top corner and Jayden B who earned a man of the match display.

    U10 Blue, captained by Henry, set about their duties this morning with focus and determination. An early goal from the opposition quickly realised the need to up the intensity. Moving the ball out wide by Prince and Noam proved wonders with headed goals from Josh and Seth. Hatricks to Josh, Seth and Cruz followed as the team battled and took their chances. The second half was full off opportunites for the opposition and keeper Finlay commanded his area with intent. Man of the match went to Josh.

    U10 White came up against a strong side today. Missing a few from illness and other reasons we started with our usual shape. It was an afternoon to forget, with chances wasted and not taken. Two good goals taken by David and Albee and a couple of saves from Benji who all performed well. A much better performance needed and we go to work Tuesday again. Man of the match for Albee who's commitment and attitude was spot on today! Couldn't of done anymore for the team today!

    U11s Blue saw a tough away game of two halves today. Defended well against a strong running opposition with a strong wind behind them scoring on the counter beginning deep in our half. Again learnt about some of our players in unfamiliar roles and indication of how far some players have come.

    U11 White, outstanding effort from the boys again. This week we worked on how to press teams and recovery and the boys didn't let us down. They are taking everything from Tuesday training sessions and putting into practice on Match days. Goals today from Olly, Ruffi and Itai. Special mention goes to our goalie Zac who made 4 outstanding saves. He keeps improving week after week and a lot of thanks goes to our first team goalkeeping coach whose sessions are clearly invaluable...Well done today !

    U15 had their best performance of the season against a solid Maccabi Lions team today. Playing with composure and passing the ball round extremely well, the whole team put a tremendous shift in battling hard for tackles and working well as a unit. The hard regimes put in in training worked well as they translated this effort onto the pitch in a game. Going behind to a wonder strike from the opposition they were not phased and two spectacular individual goals from Ben and Reuben capped a wonderful team performance to win a very fiercely contested game 2-1. The key now is to be consistent in all games.
  • 1st December

    Sunday Roundup

    U7 White put on a convincing performance today. Moving the ball really well but at times a bit compacted in the middle. A couple of small defensive issues to work on but really really proud of these boys with another positive week of football under their belt. Special mentions to Tomisimi, James and Max who worked their butts off! Hat trick hero again from Harry and other goals from Joey, James, Max, Blake and Anand!

    U8 Yellows seemed to be impacted by the conditions and struggled to get going! Special mention needs to go to Rory who volunteered to go in nets at half time. This act was really appreciated by his team mates and got them going, some form of turning point. The football the boys have played in recent weeks returned; neat passing, important tackles and lots of smiles! Goals from Oli, Theo and Jake G. Jake G man of the match.

    U8 Blue played a fantastic game to continue where they have left off in recent weeks. Philip scored twice, Brandon with a thunderblaster, Ethan with one and forcing two own goals, and Jonah rounded off the scoring. Most pleasing was the defending which is getting better week on week.

    U8 White played some super football in the freezing cold today. They were asked to start implementing a press at the right time and to make sure they remembered their defensive duties and they didn’t disappoint. In particular the second goal was magnificent. 2-touch football across the entire team leaving Frankie to cross for a tap in for Luke. Luke bagged a hat trick before having a stint in goal with Harry and Yoni getting on the scoresheet. Special mention to Harry who captained the team with authority and put in a brilliant performance today.

    U9 Blue played really well and showed what they’re learning at training is helping them improve individually and together as a team. Yash scored one, MoM is the hat trick hero Aariyan!

    U9 Whites came up against strong opposition who frustrated our normal passing game. Good experience for the team who had to show another side to their game and gave a much improved performance in the second half. Special mention to Joshua in goal who pulled off two memorable saves and produced a man of the match display.

    U10 Blue, two well-matched teams provided end to end entertainment for 50 mins. We started the game strong moving the ball with increased confidence determined to hold possession. A number of well orchestrated corners found an early goal with Huey getting on the end with a half volley. A penalty to the opposition then followed which Finley had well covered. Attacking play continued from both teams but with Wingate finding a well timed counter-attack Cruz was at the far post with a confident strike. Assured performances all round especially from Finlay, Caleb and Noam with Man of the Match going to Henry with a magnificent clearance off the line. A great display from both teams... Well done.

    U10 White changed their game plan to contain and then hit our opponents on the counter which worked fantastically with our link up man Alessandro feeding Douglas, James, Tyler and Albee on a few occasions. It was a real team effect today which was matched perfectly with our determination to get back and defend nicely. Chances fell to James, Toby, Albee and shots firing off from Alessandro David and Douglas all testing the keeper but equally pulling some point blank, finger tip saves to keep the ball out. A mention to our man of the match award goes to James who really out a solid performance in and gave his all from where ever he was played! Overall a good test and a great team effort and one that they could all be proud of! Well done Whites!

    U11 Blue back on track today 'playing the Wingate way'. Playing through the three thirds, quick transitions & making the pitch big when attacking & tight when defending...Can we do the same away from home on grass? That's the next task. Goals from Anish 2, Leo 2, Liad 2, Dylan 1 and an OG

    U11 White, after 5 weeks of starting games at a blistering pace we were a bit slower out of the blocks today. There was still the right decisions being made but quality of execution was not as good. We came in at half time and the team were aware of what was going wrong and how they could fix the problem. Credit to the boys as they executed their plan perfectly in the second half . A headed goal from Bailey got us on our way, followed by a goal from Olly and a well taken hatrick by Ruffi. We decided that for player development we should give players the chance to have a run out in different positions and they coped well although they did concede one. Oppositions goalie was outstanding today making some unbelievable saves a credit to his team. Watching these boys play at the moment is a real joy for both management and parents. Keep up the hard work!

    U12 White played a brilliant game. We started on the back foot with Borehamwood moving the ball well but the defence was solid and did not let Borehamwood through. Then a quick counter attack saw Peter cross the ball and Daniel with a superb half volley side winder fired it into the top corner. Then 5 mins later some great passing from Alex through to Ricco saw him find Luke in the box some neat footwork and Luke fired it in. 2-0. Alex who started brilliantly had to come off due to injury, Luke filled in for him at the back and Oli came on upfront. The back four were again brilliant in defending and then on the break some neat footwork from Oliver saw him beat a defender and fire the ball against the far post. So close! Second half saw us give away 2 penalties which one was scored and one was saved by Arkin. A good move from Borehamwood saw them equalise with 15 left. It was all Wingate in last 15 Alex fires a free kick narrowly over, Luke forces a save from the keeper, Arkin made an unbelievable double save which seemed destined for the top corner. Then with a minute to go Oliver held up the ball brilliantly in their box and fired goalwards, keeper push the ball into Riccos path and he was unluckily not to finish. Game finished 2-2. A superb performance by the team Josh, Juan and Gabriel were solid at the back and showed great bravery and quality in defence. Hopefully they take this performance on to next weekend. Well done boys!

    U15 came up against a good strong side in Northwood. A poor showing all round in the first half saw us concede 2 needless goals. A much better 2nd half showing saw us pass the ball well and create several chances but we didn’t have the composure needed in front of goal to gain reward for our efforts. The boys need to start games as they finish them rather than wait until the 2nd half begins to start playing football. Man of the match Alexander for his ability to retain possession of the ball and do the simple things well which his teammates today lacked. Plenty to work on in training
  • 24th November

    Sunday Roundup

    U7 Blue had to work hard for our well taken goals - Cooper, Noah, Daniel (Hatrick). Noah, Eli and Toby have definitely stepped up to the next level. Strong performances from Jackson at the back and Kobe further forward

    U7 White got straight to work today carrying on their great run of form. Their attitude and effort levels just won’t drop. Hat trick hero Harry made it 3 weeks in a row today with another 3 in the bag. A stunning free kick from Joey kept the boys going along with Blake and James also finding the back of the net. A solid team performance all round. Well done the boys!

    U8 Yellow, it is amazing to think that these boys only started playing as a team this season. The team has gelled very well, with players learning their better positions. The boys dominated today, and the style of play received praise from the opposing manager! The boys need to learn that goals don’t just need to be scored with every player touching the ball....the boys need to learn if they fancy it, have a go!

    U8 Blue put in their most complete performance of the season. Resolute at the back and great passing from everyone. Goals spread all around the team including several goals which involved great teamwork.

    U8 White played very impressively today against a team that has just joined the division. On a boggy pitch they continued to move the ball quickly to create space. Special mention has to go to Harry who bagged an incredible 7 goals including a goal of the season contender with a 20 yard swerving drive that kissed the bar and post on its way in. Other goals today came from Luca and Yoni.

    U9 Blue put on a fighting performance, a fair and equal result all round. Goals from Ethan, Rupert and James. Lots of good passing moves, looking good to push on to the next round of six games with lots to work on in training!

    U9 White showed great resilience to force their way back into the game following a shaky start. The players showed great application and demonstrated they have the ability to work hard for the team. Special mention to Luke, Jayden B & Jayden M who were outstanding at the back. Isaac netted a brace while Raphael, Jesse, Taylor and Jayden B got on the scoresheet as the team produced another impressive display.

    U10 Blue maintained a solid defensive line throughout their game today with noticeable link up play at times throughout the team. An improvement on previous weeks with man of the match going to Cruz

    U10 White main focus for todays game was “Team” and they executed task very well. The passing and work rate made it easier to move the ball into our opponents half and create chances. When losing the ball the boys got together and worked to win it back and start our own attack again. The play from defence to midfield to attack was so pleasing on the eye which resulted in goals from Alessandro, Oscar & Doug. The boys stuck to the task and played all the way through to the end getting praises for both their game and attitudes from their own parents, and the opposition parents and coaches

    U11 Blue, another lesson learned the hard way about arriving in good time to take in the location, conditions & warm up accordingly. Only getting into another game after half-time again tells it's own story...there's more to playing football than just 'playing football'!

    U11 White, another fantastic performance from this group of boys whose attitude, determination and commitment is second to none. We scored from open play, we scored from a free kick, we scored from a headed corner and to finish it all off a well taken chip from about 25 yards out. In fact all the goals were scored by us today as there were also 2 OGs. An absolute joy to watch and a real credit to their parents and the club. Well done to all involved

    U14 took a trip to Haverhill Rovers for an EJA cup game and came away with a 6-0 win. Playing on astro, the boys produced some quality football, particularly in the second half when some of their passing combinations were superb. Another clean sheet for Pat and the defence and goals for Will (3), Leo (1) and Dom (1) plus a ricochet own goal. Great result, great birthday present for Will and Egan.

    U15 played a tough well organised AFC Southgate team. Despite dominating possession the deadlock in a very open 1st half was broken by a great solo run and finish by Reuben. The 2nd half was played very much on the front foot and some good passing moves resulted in Reuben scoring 3 more. His corner was also well volleyed in by Ben. Our solid defence was only broken right at the end for a consolation goal but overall a great 5-1 win to restore confidence.
  • 17th November

    Sunday Roundup

    U7 Blue struggled this week, however, they worked hard and never complained. They play in good spirit and enjoy their football. We believe in this team and know that they will turn it around

    U7 White got into the swing of things quickly today with some smooth and silky moves converting into very positive outcomes. Defensively we didn’t let our heads drop either with the other team having to use power plays to cope. Fantastic team effort yet again and the boys are really working for each other. Special mention to Tomisimi for some amazing defensive work. Another fantastic week for Harry who bagged 4, Joey with another 2, Blake, Max, James also getting on the score sheet.

    U8 Yellow were buzzing to play after spending the Saturday afternoon watching Wingate & Finchley First Team. The boys didn’t waste much time getting off the mark but got pegged back from counterattacking football. We switched formation to negate this. As the game went on, the boys got more dominant and were playing good, flowing football. A genuine team effort in a highly passionate game. Oli worked his magic throughout the game. However it would be unfair not to credit the whole team, seeing goals from Oli x3, Logan and Theo.

    U8 Blue continued their great run of form with another great performance. A brilliant first half saw birthday boy Brandon get us off the mark early on and then Jonah bag an electric hat trick.

    Superb spirit from U8 White today to turn a game on its head. Lots to work on defensively and without the ball but today they all played with immense hunger and a great attitude. The performance was personified by Frankie and Luke who never gave up on any lost cause and played with great desire

    U9 White continue to grow as a team and showed great maturity in their performance as they matched strong opposition and kept to their passing game with some great movements. Taylor earned a man of the match display with an impressive hat-trick while Nathan and Fran also netted a brace. The team are showing great togetherness and know each others strengths and weaknesses.

    U10 Blue started very positively today. Winning the initial battles in midfield they gained control of the game early on. As confidence grew their passing and attacking play began to flow with the midfield creating some good chances. Despite some squandered opportunities we took a much deserved lead through Prince. This seemed to galvanise us however lapses in concentration and defensive errors costs us dearly. Needlessly conceding a couple of goals against the run of play the tables turned. Confidence was impaired and we began to lose our shape and discipline. From there on in we gave the ball away too easily, were constantly caught out of position giving the opposition too much time and space to punish us further. Despite this the boys managed to dig deep at the end and pull back a couple of consolation goals from Joshy and Caleb. Caleb was our man of the match today but also worth mentioning yet another outstanding performance from Fin.

    U10 White got off to a flier. Great teamwork & communication, which we've been missing came back into the team and it truly showed. An understanding throughout the team enabled them to show their class in the final third. Composure and calmness was also on show and that allowed the boys to show fluidity allowing to play out from the back. A penalty from David and a low drive from Alessandro which capped a many of the slick passing move play. Overall a well dominant team performance and a well organised team effort. Well done boys! Man of the match for Douglas today who showed every aspect of his game, along with some silky dinks over the keeper who was beaten every time only for the ball not to hit the back of the bet. Well done Douglas

    U11 White, for us consistency is a word that epitomises our team right now. From front to back the boys played sensible and creative football culminating in a goal in 48 secs from Ruffi. They continued to dominate proceedings frustrating a quality opposition and playing one touch and two touch football. Jake scored from his less renowned left foot closely followed by a well headed goal from our opposition. The second half didn't disappoint either with a great strike from outside the box by Itai. The opposition did score again from a long range free kick which hit the bar and bounced down into the goal. Josh also hit the post and if only olly was a few inches higher he would have no doubt put his header into the back of the net. Overall the commitment to training and games from this squad is more than exemplary and they were a pleasure to watch. If this set of boy keep putting in the hard work they should continue to outperform week in week out. Well done all!

    U14 - After last week’s epic effort, this was a much flatter performance from the team. The score finished 5-0 to Wingate and Finchley and in the end, it was a regulation victory. Goals from Josh (2), Leo (2) and Ife saw us home. Some good possession football at times and another clean sheet is always pleasing.

    U15 tried their hardest against a strong and well organised Hadley Rangers team but a goal in each half was enough to condemn us to another defeat. Man of the match performance from our stand in goalkeeper Joe who made several sublime saves

    U18: A nail biting game today in the London County Cup against Athletico DFZ from LB of Hackney. The visitors went 2 up before the Wingate boys pulled it back to 2-2 with 20 mins to play. Goals from Ethan and Dan creating a tense end to the game. Wingate had the better chances late on but could not find the winner. The game was decided on penalties with Wingate coming out on top 4-3. The game was a pleasure to be involved in and credit must go to both teams whose sportsmanship was top class.
  • 10th November

    Sunday Roundup
    U7 Blue had a slow start, but came back strongly. We seem to be ending games much better than we start them. A great pen from Kobe and another hat trick from Daniel. Great defending from Noah, Jackson, Toby and Cooper. Eli and Kobe showing their versatility in all positions.Very proud of the lads effort and application today.

    U7 White were a in totally different league today. The passing was beautiful and the defending was top notch, goals just kept coming. A massive shout out to Blake for his defensive duties. Nothing passed him when he was at the back. Harry smashed in 4 quality finishes which had the fans cheering, Joey managed another hat trick and other goals came from Anand, Blake and James. Tomismi and Max were also unplayable today and the confidence just keeps coming. Well done to the team today for a perfect and unplayable performance, our first clean sheet!

    U8 Blue played a great game, the team have put together a great run of performances and are growing as a team. Goal of the game was from Ilan, in a move which saw our corner passed around and back to our keeper who kept the passing moving for a goal that saw every player score. Ethan and Eddie chopped in with a free kick and a poachers goal respectively.

    U9 Blue faced extremely tough opposition and were tested in every aspect of their game. The team need to keep working hard and improve their defending, marking and passing. On the plus side they never gave up and the boys were very brave fighting to the end! It resulted in an impressive goal which showed good teamwork and lovely finish from Rupert. Some brave performances from the boys and plenty to work on in training.

    U9 White showed a fantastic fighting spirit and refused to give up that resulted in a flurry of goals in the final stages of the game. The team’s application was first class and everyone played their part. Isaac, Nathan and Raphael got on the scoresheet while Jayden scored a memorable goal from the halfway line.

    U10 White game had everything from goal line clearances, long balls, possession based football, crunching tackles and goals. Very please to watch the boys produce a stunning display and be very focused throughout the game. Our corner routine was set up and practice in training and it duly delivered problems after problems for the opposition. A tale of two halves from the boys and produced so many chances to score. Creativity and passion was shown today and it made it a fascinating game to watch. End to end towards the game close and it was there for the taking. A neat flick from a Albee cross produced a truly stunning goal yet scrappy to cap off a deserved goal for Alessandro. A couple of goal line clearances from Marc-vincent and David showed just how much they were up for this. All the boys can be very proud of their efforts today and go home smiling on what they produced for the parents to witness. A big mention to Benji who made some ridiculous saves today and pulled off the unthinkable at times. He's composure and distribution was excellent. A man of the match performance from David for his grit, attitude, tackling and teamwork.

    A salutary for U11 Blue today in that being the best footballers isn't enough, conditions opponents & circumstances need to be overcome. The right to play has to be earned & then little unbeaten runs can become longer ones.

    U11 White, its great to see all that hard work done in training eventually pay off in games and a true testament to the outstanding coaches we have at Wingate. The boys were magnificent today, fluid passing, great one touch and two touch football and a clear ability to both retain and recycle the ball. Everyone worked hard for each other meaning it was an overall team effort and so enjoyable to watch everyone playing with so much confidence. Goals from Bailey, Josh, Olly and Ruffi helped us along the way not forgetting Zack in goal who made one outstanding save. If we can play week in week out at the same intensity, desire and consistency then our ability within the team will continue to shine through.

    U14 won 4-1 in a league game against Cheshunt today, in a really impressive performance. The effort level was brilliant throughout against a very good team. It was fast and furious in the first half, but the boys were able to combine that level of intensity with some really good football in the second half. Goals from Josh (2), Dom and a pearler from Mikey sealed the win, but the game was actually won be a brilliant defensive and midfield performance. Great team win!
  • 3rd November

    Sunday Roundup
    U7 Blue had a game of two halves today. We had a tough first half and asked the blues for a reaction and not to give up. They delivered, including a Hatrick from Daniel! We did not play to usual potential against a good footballing side. However nobody played badly. After 7 games we know more about what we need going forward and we look forward to working on developing individual and collective gameplay at midweek training. We have a great bunch of lads that enjoy playing together and show enthusiasm always.

    U7 White outdid themselves today, with outstanding play from start to finish. The group have a real understanding of each other’s play. Our goalkeepers kept us in this thrilling, end to end match including 2 goal line clearances! An amazing long pass from Joey allowed Harry to slot in a superb thunder strike which was the best goal of the match. Other goals came from Joey, Anand and Max! Still looking for that clean sheet which is definitely on the way having only one pass through today! Well done to the boys another amazing week!

    U8 Yellow started life in a new league today. The combination of stage fright and a bigger pitch than normal seemed to get to the boys initially. The boys were positioning themselves too far apart from each this age it is a big ask to be playing the ball to feet over 40 yards+. But as we know, football is a game of two halves. The second half performance was a true response with the boys battle returning and the team becoming more compact and the right positioning being taken. The response from the boys was really superb and it is encouraging to see them learning how to adjust when things aren’t going right. Oli managed to get on the score sheet again.

    U8 White played an incredible game today with their second half football being very strong. Special mention has to go to a goal worthy of a much older age group with Harry releasing Rafi down the right, Rafi leaving the defender sprawling before putting in a whipped cross that Daniel expertly finished off. Unfortunately defensive duties let the boys down today as they found themselves too often with the opposition 2 on 1 and we played against a very strong opposition. Overall though the boys should be very proud of their performance and attitude.

    Great battling performance by U9 Blue. The team were under pressure but the defence stood firm and stood up to the opposition. Aariyan scored a good team goal and the players showed grit, determination and some good passing movements. Special mention for Rupert who was man of the match. Plenty to build on going forward

    U9 White showed another side to their game as they came up against strong opposition but matched every one of their opponents. Special mention to our keeper Joshua who pulled off four memorable saves and to Jayden and Taylor for getting on the scoresheet with two clinical finishes.

    U10 Blue came up against a very organised and disciplined side today. Despite starting off slowly the team matched the opposition man for man early on. However our confidence was dented when the opposition countered with success and from there on the Blues found it hard to retain possession, find the spaces and give simple options leading to over ambitious passing. The team did eventually start to improve passing, movement and shape. Playing simple balls, getting it out wide and taking up better positions to receive the ball. This led some great link up play between the wingers and midfield resulting in a fantastic team goal from Cruz. Man of the match to birthday boy Seth!

    U10 White came up against a strong opposition today and gave a good account of themselves. A few chances created but there was too much individual play instead of team play today. When they connected it was glorious to watch but basic football just wasn't there today unfortunately. Last 10-15minutes was probably the better part of our game although throughout we dominated in having most of the ball. We go again next week at home. Man of the match performance went to Alessandro who done amazingly well in everything he did today!

    U11 Blue put in a gritty if rather fragmented performance today. Three good goals from Leo, Anish and Jamie, but still a tendency to unravel a bit in the last quarter. MotM again... James.

    U11 White, hard work and perseverance with this set of players truly paid off today. New formation clearly worked with the whole team playing fast fluid and a pleasure to watch football. These players have the ability to play at this high tempo every week and long may it continue. Every player played their part culminating in goals from Ruffi, Itai, 2 from Olly and Jake. Not forgetting Zac our goalie who made some show stopping saves. Well done to all involved a real pleasure to watch!

    U15 played in a cup match today and came up against a very disciplined and well organised AC Finchley side. Despite taking the lead through a well taken goal from Mohad following a set piece, we were on the back foot for most of the 1st half and conceded three goals. More effort in the 2nd half meant an improved performance and we scored two good goals through Will and Michael but again defensive errors cost us twice more. The boys need to learn to do the simple things first before trying to be expansive so plenty of things to work on in the training ground
  • 27th October

    Sunday Roundup
    U8 Yellow put on a professional performance, quick slick passing gets them in good positions and their focus was good for the whole game. Could do with a bit more commitment in the tackle, and so gives us something to work on. Goals today came from Oli (3), Theo (3) and Logan (2). Really pleasing to see such a good and positive attitude from all the boys

    U8 Blue with their best performance of the season. Passing was first rate and movement into space showed that the kids are really developing. Braces for Eddie, Ethan and Jonah and hat trick for Brandon.

    U8 White: After a game last week where the boys played like individuals, today was a superb team performance. The boys were superb moving the ball quickly and incisively all over the pitch and scoring numerous tap ins created by unselfish and clever football. It was a real pleasure to watch them today with Harry and Luca playing some great football. All the boys scored and all the boys provided assists so was a pleasure to see. Great performance today.

    U9 Blue are really starting to gel and develop their game play and are now looking much more like a team. Goals today from Jonah (2), Aariyan and Benji resulted in a great performance all round!

    U9 White continue to grow as a team and displayed great passing and good interchange play throughout the game. Special mention to Taylor who flew back from America overnight and was determined to play. Shows the great team spirit amongst the players. Jesse capped a man of the match display with a brace while Nathan & Isaac also got on the scoresheet.

    U10 White played some great football at times today. A little quiet but was good to watch. A rocket from Marc-vincent ensured we started brightly and efficiently. A game of dominance and some end to end stuff being played by both teams. Some excellent pressure and chances created but just couldn't extend the goals. A very close game which was enjoyed by all today. A stand out performance from David who put his body on the line today with a number of solid challenges. Outstanding performance.

    U11 White: a game of two halfs is one of the most famous football cliches and this game certainly was. An incredibly lethargic start with passes going astray and a lack of concentration. Lost for words we just asked for desire, heart & determination and boy did we get it. The oppostion struggled to get out of their half and the pressure was immense. A goal from Josh and another from Olly showed we can dominate games with slick passing and moving. Lovely to see such great workrate from all the boys. If we started like we finished many teams would struggle to keep up. Special mention to Jake who covered an immense amount of ground today and kept the team ticking. Another lesson learnt but a fantastic response by a team who know they can compete at the highest level. Well done all

    U14 played in the EJA Challenge Cup this weekend, winning 4-0 away at Cambridge City Youth. The pitch felt small and in the first half the boys struggled to get to grips, not moving the ball and switching sides fast enough to find space against determined opponents. We got to half time 1-0, a nest finish from Leo. The game was more stretched in the second half and goals from Josh (2) and Will eventually put the game to bed. Not our best performance but a good win and we move on to the next round

    U18 put on a strong performance beating Hitchin 3-2. The scoreline suggests a close game, however the game should have been put to bed by the hour mark. Hitchin scored first but Sam equalised for Wingate with a tidy finish into the bottom corner. 1-1 at HT. A change to 4-4-2 at half time gave us more presence up front and the boys really began to control the game. The passing and ball retention was excellent throughout the second half, and this was the best 45 mins of the season so far. Wingate scored two quick goals from Yann to go 3-1 up. Then came a period of chance after chance which we could not convert. Hitchin pulled a goal back from a long range shot finding the top corner. This set up a nervy last 10 mins but the boys held out to take the three points. Special mention to Antoine and Cameron today who were outstanding. Great win boys!
  • 20th October

    Sunday Roundup
    U7 Blue battled hard today. It was a fast paced game with lots of goals from both teams. The boys kept up their heads up at all times and enjoyed the game. Need to work on keeping our positions and defending. Man of the match was Toby.

    U7 White put on a superb and resilient performance. A fine display of accurate passing showing great maturity. Three of the goals came from a succession of excellent and again simple passing. Two hatrick hero’s today from Joey and Harry. Well done team to another great week!

    U8 Yellow tried to play nice triangles throughout the game. It was really pleasing to see and it meant they moved from one end of the pitch to the other very quickly. There was a hatrick for Oli, and goals a piece for Theo and Jake. Definitely some tired legs towards the end! Boys were superb and it was great to have Issac turn up after a successful operation.

    U8 Blue focussed on passing today, there were a lot of goals with Ilan and Eddie scoring hatricks.

    U8 White play today was too individualistic with no eye on moving the ball or trying to pass to one another. Second half they picked up much more and made full use of the pitch but lots to learn for next few weeks.

    U9 Blue grew into the game with every player taking responsibility and doing their job well. Goal from Aarayan, MOM Ben in goal.

    U9 White worked on concentration during training and the move paid off as the team showed great application and worked hard for each other throughout the game. Need to work on playing out from the back and not giving the ball away, especially from goal kicks, but another solid display and some great goals. Raphael was handed the captains armband and responded with an impressive brace.

    U10 Blue - Massive performance today from the blues. We started off very positively applying everything the team have been working on in training. Their passing, movement and transitioning was excellent. At times the 1-2’s and 1 touch passing was exceptional in moving the attack forward or creating openings. Although still room for improvement knowing when to run with the ball and when to release it. Seth who was MoM bossed the midfield winning the ball at every opportunity, driving our attacks and linking the play well between the wingers and striker. Defensively this was also the most assured performance to date. The defenders held their positions with discipline pressing the opposition and giving no quarter or time on the ball. Every player carried out their responsibilities and instructions with confidence and discipline. Despite fatigue, the players dug deep and worked as a team to see the game out.

    U10 White found some basic football hard to get a grip of. As the game went on we found our flow and started to play football. A smashing penalty from Albee was a pleasure to witness after being bought down. A further goal from James who found the far corner of the net to stamp his authority into the match. Second half we focused on 2 touch football and caused all sorts of issues and problems for our opponents. We dictated and found a further goal from Alessandro who converted a placed shot into the corner to finish off a inspiring passing move from the boys. Man of the match today was Albee for his incredible work rate which was fully deserved!

    U11 Blue put together some much practiced 'keep ball' today creating 4 goals today...3 of them on the counter from the back Some improved individual performances & goals from Anish, Dylan, Max & Leo

    U11 White put on probably our best performance of the season. It finally clicked, passing, moving, neat and tidy football and a strong team ethic. The boys took everything they learnt in training over the last few weeks and ended up playing some very exciting football at times. We spent the majority of the game in the opposing teams half but just couldn't get the ball in the back of the net whilst they scored from their only 2 shots of the game. The boys shouldn't be disappointed as this all plays a part in their continued development and if they carry on with this attitude they should reap the benefits

    U12 had a very exciting game against top of the league Hinton and Finchley. We started brightly with some good pressing football and Oli got us off to a good start with a great finish after some lovely passing play. A controversial penalty against us saw Hinton level. Unfortunately we found ourselves 2-1 down at half time and the boys new they needed to up it in the second half...and up it they did!!! Some great passing play ended with Juan scoring a great goal from outside the box to draw us level. Then again some great play lead to Peter hitting one with his left. Then goal of the match came when some great play in midfield saw us win the ball and pass through 3 players only for Peter to shoot a rocket into the top corner. Some great defensive play from Alex, Gabriel and Juan kept us solid at the back. Some great saves from Akrin kept us 2 goals to the good. Hinton scores a consolation goal right at the end but Wingate finished strongly to record their second league win of the year.

    U14 - The best performance of the year so far saw Wingate and Finchley run out 5-0 winners away against Barkingside. The team were 1-0 up at half time and then really pressed home that advantage in the second half. Josh scored 4 and Ben got 1. The team played with incredible energy and commitment from the back to the front, restricting Barkingside, who are a really good footballing team, to only a few chances. The attitude throughout was excellent, and some of the football a pleasure to watch as well.

    U15 came up against a very strong and physical Enfield Lions today. Passing the ball through the channels well from the start we controlled the 1st half and took a deserved lead through a wonderful goal from Ben. Several more chances followed which we failed to take and desire a wonderful penalty save from Segun we couldn’t hold on to the break when we conceded. Second half started as the 1st half had and we couldn’t take our chances. Despite several more magnificent saves from Segun our defence was breached three further times as the pressure build up and told. A great further consolation goal from will at the end was no more than he and the team deserved. Plenty of things to work on in training next week
  • 13th October

    Sunday Roundup
    U7 Blue, a magnificent effort today. Never seen a “never give up” attitude like we saw today. In a very open, high scoring, end-to-end game the boys drew level from behind on no less than seven occasions! Our usually sturdy defence was exposed at times by some very good opposition play. Defence needs more work perhaps. Nevertheless, the boys are generally improving at a fast rate and we are really proud of the their attitude and effort.

    U7 White got their good habits back and our shape and movement were unparalleled. We changed up our usual formation and the boys best goal came from good old fashioned passing and calling for the ball. They strung together a succession of 5-6 solid passes before finding the back of the net! A fantastic team effort all round and well played to all. Double goals from Anand and Harry with a fantastic free kick from James.

    U8 Yellow battled incredibly hard today. It was great to see Rory get one of his rockets on target and open his account for the season. A couple of long range efforts from the opposition and some sleeping at corners, saw the game change completely. However there is only one Oli and he plays for Wingate. I could not have asked for more from the boys today, real character shown!

    U8 Blue produced a good performance despite the elements. Thick mud stopped anyone playing proper football but when they could, they moved the ball quickly and with purpose. Goals came from all over the team which was pleasing with a couple of very slick moves finished off with tap ins. A well taken goal by Brandon was the highlight as he found his range after a few shots into the keeper. Excellent performance from Eddie who showed great hunger and desire throughout the game

    U8 White produced a superb first half performance to totally nullify their opposition. Their pressing and energy established their dominance leading to a superb first half. The highlights were a three player move started by Daniel and finished by Rafi, and a fabulous move involving all 4 outfield players which Luca finished off. Every player got on the scoresheet and they all worked hard for each other. The second half was a little quieter and they will need to ensure they keep their intensity, but most importantly their teamwork, for tougher games ahead. Special mention to what would have been an brilliant goal by Harry who skinned 2 players before rolling the ball home, only to see the ref rule it out for an earlier infringement

    U9 White, concentration was the key word for the boys today and there is plenty to work on in training. The team showed great promise going forward and produced great movement off the ball. Fran, Nathan and Isaac got on the scoresheet and the team is growing stronger with every game.

    U10 Blue had their strongest start of the season with 2 goals going into the break, including a close range goal from Joshy. Opening the second half proved more tough as the opposition quickly imposed themselves. With the last kick of the game came a goal from the opposition which took the shine off a performance that showed an increased level of discipline from previous weeks. A special mention to Finley for his outstanding and brave goalkeeping and Cruz, for scoring another free kick, which sees his tally of half line goals reach 4 this season. Man of the match Caleb.

    U10 White set out in a new structure to try something new. First half was decent, composed passing and movement was good. A little scrappy fight for the ball but nothing too much. A wicked shot from Douglas enabled Albee to turn into a open net. Second half the boys started out again reverting back to simple football and showing great composure on the ball and confidence boosting passing and relaxation. It showed that without forcing and playing simple passes opens up your opponents with ease while looking untouchable. Further goals for Albee (3), Toby (3), & James got a brace on his birthday. And man of the match performance from Oscar who was stopping everything at the back today in defence and a special mention for his goal line clearance!

    U11 Blue showed a similar improvement in application but had to overcome a couple of late withdrawals through injury including the goalkeeper. Two good goals from newcomers Yoav and Nathan and a commendable effort from what is still a team needing to gel

    U11 White attitude to the game was generally much better today with plenty of hard work across the pitch and the determination to both attack and defend was clear to see. A great free kick from Jake was our only goal today. We need to improve in our concentration and our first touch. Plenty of positives to take from the game

    U12 are playing their football in Div 3 this season and after a good first win, their second league game was against a very strong Borehamwood side who have been beating teams in the top division this season so we knew we had a massive challenge ahead of us. We changed our formation for this game, and unfortunately, after a shaky start and a great passing move by Borehamwood we found ourselves a goal down. But then great determination and team work got us back in the game. Oliver went on an amazing run through their defence only to be brought down and Wingate were awarded a penalty. Oliver scored with a powerful strike. The next 15 mins saw us take control of the game and threaten Borehamwood a goal again and again. Luke was unlucky not to score after a great passing move. After all our possession Borehamwood scored twice in quick succession. Half time saw us 2 goals down with a lot to do. Second half was as good as the first as Wingate threatens Borehamwood a goal time and time again and great defensive display from the back 4 saw off waves of Borehamwood attacks. Wingate then scored twice with goals from Gaybriel after a Yannick free kick. Then a great team goal with 5 or 6 passes ending with Juan sticking it in the top corner. Unfortunately some defensive errors allowed Borehamwood another 2 goal lead. With 5 mins left the boys did not give up and Oliver who had been brilliant all game went on another amazing run only this time smashing the ball in the back of the net. The whistle blew shortly after and the game finished 6-5 to Borehamwood. A great display by the boys!

    U14's cup game today at Cambridge has been postponed!

    U15 played a very good team in Maccabi London Brady blue today. Getting off to a fast start playing some very intelligent football we swept into an early lead through Mouadh. Keeping our shape and discipline well we kept attacking and were unlucky to concede from our opponents 1st and then 2nd attacks in quick succession. Heads went down and two silly errors at the back cost us 2 more goals and at half time, the boys were subdued. A fantastic 2nd half performance saw an end to end game which we was marked by two great Reuben goals. Another defensive lapse saw us concede again and despite a constant siege on the opponents goal we couldn’t break through again. Special mention to Segun in goal who made 5 world class saves when they were one on one. Plenty to work on in training
  • 6th October

    Sunday Roundup
    U7 Blue - Huge effort today! Goalkeeping, defending, last ditch tackles and tracking back was superb from every single player today. Always helps when you have 7 good keepers! It wasn’t always good on the eye but very very effective. Good hatrick from Daniel and tough tackling too. Cooper solid, mature performance as ever. Kobi great all round performance again. Toby box to box game developing very well. Noah- good reading of the game and positional sense. Jackson always posed a threat. Eli- improving all the time and always helping his teammates

    U7 White had a day of learning today! Having given themselves and nice 2 goal cushion early in the game, this was eventually levelled. Not everyone can be a hero which they need to learn and we will. Well done though to Tomisimi and Joey for getting on the score sheet.

    U8 Yellow boys came out flying....Issac had three shots in the first few minutes and converted everyone. Oli then took over from where Issac left off, goals also came from Theo and Jake. Not the slickest footballing performance from the boys but they were clinical and dominated throughout.

    U8 White's first half today was not up to their expected standard with too much individual football and very little team play. Team talk at half time, was to encourage the boys to put into practice what we work on and to make the pitch wide. They did exactly what we asked and five of the second half goals came from some great movement off the ball and unselfish play. Special mention to Luca’s and Rafi’s second half performance which brought others into play and helped the team build from the back, as well as a stunning goal from Daniel. Goals today came from Luke (2) Rafi (1) Daniel (1), Luca (1), Yoni (2).

    U9 Blue put on a fine performance against a well organized and strong opposition. The boys never let their heads drop, outstanding performance, taking what they learned in training into the game. Goals from Benji and two from Jonah, MOM Josh. U9 White are growing stronger with every game and showed a great attitude to see the game out. Raphael returned with a man of the match performance and capped a fine display with a well taken goal. Fran and Taylor also got on the scoresheet. Still plenty to work on in training but a good all-round team performance.

    U10 Blue had a tough game today conceding a few goals, however in quick succession two goals followed from Josh and Henry. A free kick to Wingate, from from well outside the box, was the perfect opportunity to take this game into the final minutes as Cruz drove one of his infamous strikes into the top corner. The opposition did well to hold on for what was an exciting last few minutes to watch. MoM Prince

    U10 White boys started off well playing good short passes which seemed to unsettle the opponents. Against the run of play a set piece caught us out and shortly followed by a shot deflection into our goal. Half Time talk was to play the ball around quicker and get into the opponents half and create more chances. Our opponents closed down well and was on the front foot. Marc-Vincent played a long ball to Tyler who got the better of the keeper in a 1v1 situation and slotted into an empty net. The boys continued to work hard and pass the ball around. MOM Benji was kept busy but pulled off saves to keep us in with a chance.

    U11 White ground out a performance today after a few tough weeks. Some great goals followed by some costly mistakes. Nice to see our first headed goal from a corner (well done Reuben). Still need to retain the ball better and make our passing slicker. Lots to work on in training

    U14 beat Harlow Town 9-0 in their latest league game, with goals from Leo, Ben, Dom, Josh, Lucas, a hat trick from Will and a penalty right at the end from our goalkeeper, Pat. The boys were 5-0 up at half time but if anything, played better in the second half to end up comfortable winners. We still have lots to work on in terms of ball retention and movement off the ball but these boys are good footballers and will only improve with training and matches.

    A pulsating end to end affair for the U15 on Sunday. Going a goal behind very early, the team showed fight and belief to score 3 goals all from set pieces. However, poor lapses of concentration and bad defensive play all round meant we conceded 3 goals before half time and one straight after to trail 5-3. Some tactical changes followed and playing 4 upfront throwing caution to the wind the team scored 2 goals to make it 5-5. With a minute to go the winner came and the boys left the field elated at 6-5 and left me suffering palpitations on the side line! Goals from will (2), Reuben (2), Jakub and Fergus capped a great day

    U18 played Barking in the London County Cup. This was a classic cup match which went to extra time before being settled, Wingate unfortunately losing 4-3. We led 1-0 and 2-1 through goals from Cameron and Mustafa before Barking fought back to 2-2. Barking then took the lead after Wingate went down to 10 men. The boys however dug deep and found an equaliser scored by Cameron late in the second half. Into extra time we went... Barking scored early in the first period of extra time to lead 4-3. The Wingate boys tried everything to draw level but could not find an equaliser. Dan and Mustafa both went close to scoring. This was a game but individual player discipline cost us today. Special mention to Ben who played very well on his debut.
  • 29th September

    Sunday Roundup
    U7 Blue dominated possession and shots in the first half of their game today - excellent performance...a large pitch today so the intensity petered out in the second half and the lads found it hard work. Magnificent effort and some great play to build on for the rest of the season

    U7 White took on a tough opposition today. We were strong on the ball and clinical on our finishes. Still some defensive work to be done but another successful week with a superb hat trick from Joey and other goals from James, Anand, Max and Blake. Well done team!

    U8 Yellows played lovely triangular football today, with passing getting slicker as the game went on. It is pleasing to see all the boys rotating positions and being confident on the ball across in different parts of the pitch ....a very solid team performance.

    U8 Blue played a fantastic end to end and low scoring game today. Some fantastic defending from Jonah provided a real platform, a lovely strike from Ethan with his first goal of the season and strong keeping as ever from Brandon and Ilan

    U8 White were the superior team in their match today with goals from Frankie, Luke, Harry, Rafi and Luca. Their play was superb in the first half as they made the pitch nice and big with their quick and incisive passing. Their dominance continued into the second half with some outstanding goals including one that featured the entire team before a great ball from Harry allowed a quick one touch from Rafi for Luke to apply the finishing touch. Special mention to Yoni and Frankie today who were both superb.

    U9 Blue put on a stunning and robust performance, using what they’re learning in training to full effect. Goals from Rupert (2), Jonah and Aarayan capped a fantastic performance all round.

    U9 White are starting to show their potential with a superb all-round team display. There was great movement off the ball and some outstanding finishing. Special mention to Isaac who rounded off a man of the match display with two goals. Fran and Jesse also got on the scoresheet. The team can still work on tracking back in training and will only grow stronger. Memorable celebrations at the end of the game!

    U10 White have taken what they've learned and practice in training to full effect in their game today. Confidence and effort shown by the team was just superb to watch. Nice two touch football lead to transition being easy and putting chances on a plate for the attackers. Goals from, Toby (P), Albee (2), Oscar, Douglas and a penalty save from Benji made light work of a morning kick off.

    U11 Blue really starting to gel as a team & put in faultless display with not one sub to draw on today. It has taken time & patience but we can see it taking shape. All credit to the boys today for an outstanding performance. They were all MoM!

    U11 White unfortunately outplayed by a more determined opposition. Some great desire showed by Ollie with a goal alongside goals from James and Jake

    U14's played in the first round of the London County Cup today and we travelled to east London. We won 15-0, with 4 for Will, 3 for Josh, 2 for Egan, 2 for Oli and 1 each for Ibrahim, Lucas, Ben and Dom. The pitch was pretty bumpy so we’ve played better football but that’s obviously a handsome win against a spirited team.

    U15 played in a cup match against a well organised red division side from Colney Heath. Despite going an early goal down, we fought back to equalise and then proceeded to play some lovely football. Unfortunately a lapse in concentration at the back cost us a goal when we were on top which deflated us and two more quick goals meant our heads went down. We fought hard in the 2nd half and got a consultation goal back though a great long range effort through Fergus but more defensive lapses meant we conceded again. Work to be done on the training ground this week
  • 22nd September

    Sunday Roundup
    U7 Blue had a good first match! The teams were well matched and the boys all played well together. Lovely tackling from Daniel and Eli and defending from Koby. Toby made some excellent saves and the boys all loved their first game.

    U7 White got off to a positive start in their first game today. The excitement was uncontainable before kick off. After finding their feet with a sublime free kick from Anand which contributed to an 8 goal thriller. Other goals from Harry, Tomisimi and James. Well played by all.

    U8 Blue played a fantastic game today and showed how far they have come on. An amazing 3 minute hat trick from Brandon gave the team a solid platform to play brilliant counter attacking football. New signing Ilan was fabulous in goal. Men of the Match - Ilan and Brandon

    U8 White started the season convincingly with a strong display at Northwood. They passed the ball very well and some strong powerful performances from Luke and Harry contributed to a very positive morning

    U9 Blue: Really proud and impressed with the boys today! They’ve taken what they’ve learned in training straight into today’s game - lots of passing and calling for the ball, and many times they covered for one another in various positions. Goals from Ethan and Josh. Man of the Match Josh.

    U9 White produced one of their best performances of the season against one of the strongest teams in the division. They all took something from the tracking back drill we used in training and it made a huge difference. Despite taking the lead the players failed to see the game out but can take huge encouragement from their display. Raphael and Taylor got on the scoresheet but Joshua stole the show with a man of the match display and three world class saves. Plenty to build on in training on Tuesday.

    U10 Blue started confidently but the opposition were able to battle their way through taking the lead at half time. 3 goals from Wingate today and a gallant display with plenty to take into training ready to go again next week.

    U10 White performed excellently in their match this morning. A great link up play between Alessandro, Marc-Vincent and Toby allowed Albee to score early on. The boys put their work into the game that they learned from training and caused problems going forward. A very well organised performance allowed goals from Douglas and Albee. Work rate and the desire to win the ball in the final moments gave what the boys deserved! Well done to all, proud coach! Man of the Match Benji N.

    U11 Blue went into today's game with a new team shape designed to stem the flow of goals in the first 2 games. The players bought into this very well and put on a good performance!

    U11 White started brightly with an early goal but were unable to play their usual style of football until later on in the game. Goals from Itai, James, Rafi and Jake weren't enough today but we will learn from this and we will work again at training on tuesday night.

    U12 had a great start to the league season today as we took on Enfield Rangers. Great team effort and some individual class to come out as 5-0 winners. First goal coming from a great left foot strike by Oliver followed by another soon after for Yannick. Second half saw 3 more goals, a brace for Angelo and a well struck penalty by Juan after Luke’s quick feet brought a fowl in the box. Great team defending display saw us keep a clean sheet which is hopefully the start of many to come. Back to cup action this Sunday!

    U14 lost for the first time this season, a close fought 2-1 defeat against a very good team. We started slowly and struggled to move the ball with any great fluency in the first half, going in 1-0 down at half time. The boys played much better in the second half, equalising through a fine strike by Will. Chances came and went at both ends before Enfield found the winner with five minutes to go. Lessons to learn about coping with a greater level of pressing and intensity than we have had before.
  • 20th September

    FA Youth Cup Exit

    Wingate and Finchley dropped out of the FA Youth Cup at the second hurdle, falling 2-1 away at Brentwood Town.
    Despite going behind early on, the Blues fought back to level the score from the penalty spot before a wonder goal sealed Brentwood’s passage with 20 minutes left.
    Wingate now focus on the league as their hopes of beating last season’s epic FA Youth Cup run come to an end. It took just four minutes for the home side to gain advantage.
    A ball in behind Wingate’s defence split the centre-backs and allowed Alex Noble to roll home a simple cross.
    They may have doubled their lead had Sam Park converted his chance from the edge of the box, while Finn Rushton’s goal led a charmed life as he saved a shot out for a corner that was then cleared off his line.
    But it was an innocuous breakaway that saw Kevonte Willoughby-Williams go down under the challenge of Brentwood goalkeeper Jamie Kiddell, before brushing himself off and dispatching the equalising penalty.
    Noble almost doubled his and Brentwood’s tally early in the second half but his free-kick was well saved by Rushton. At the other end Billy Hayes stung the palms of Kiddell at his near post.
    But Brentwood were turning the screw and with 22 minutes left on the clock Andre Odeku fired a delightful, curling shot from all of 20 yards that sailed into the top corner.
    Wingate searched for a way back into the game but to no avail, and Brentwood will take their place in the next round.

    Wingate and Finchley: Rushton (GK), Murphy, Ukaegbu, Nikolaj, Ola, Luwero (Watt-Ndongo, 68’), Brown-Matthews (Oliveira, 82’), Perez-Duah, Willoughby-Williams, Hayes ©, Mulligan (Murshid, 59’)
    Unused Subs: Peck, Brown Booked: Nikolaj, 76’
    Report by Andrew Gerlis
  • 15th September

    Sunday Roundup
    U9 Blues played a tough battling game on a big pitch, showing determination to equalize twice. Goals from Samuel and Jonah and MOM today is Ben in goal.

    U9 Whites had a superb start to the game and took the lead following some great passing, however we struggled to keep our shape and lost concentration at key stages of the game. Identified key areas to work on include: tracking back and not losing our opponent when we do not have possession. Luke was outstanding at the back and prevented a number of goalscoring opportunities.

    U10 Blues battled through the hot sun attempting to repeat a performance similar to last week. Whilst link up play in the midfield was encouraging the team was unable to convert the numerous chances in front of goal. A brave performance from goalkeeper Finlay and Noam for his continued creative flair....well done!

    U10 Whites had a very impressive game today at home. Very confident play, great passing and use of space was all key today. Taking things from training and using them to our advantage in the game was very pleasing to watch! Goals were shared by all on the pitch. Well done all! Man of the match today was Marc-Vincent 👍🏼

    U11 Whites, a very hot afternoon was always going to make this game tough. Both sides started well, however the White's desire to defend and retain possession showed early on which resulted in a second clean sheet of the season. Goals from Itai and James made it an enjoyable game. Still more to work on in training though!

    U14 ran out 8-0 winners in their game against AFC Dunstable, with a hat trick from Josh, two from Will and goals from Leo, Louis and Junior. Like last week the boys scored early, kicked on and were 5-0 up at half time. Some of the football and the control of possession was excellent and there were some really good runs off the ball into space as well. An excellent performance all round.

    U15 played some fantastic football to kick start their league campaign winning 9-1 against AFC Southgate. Great teamwork all round and the boys took on board what they had learnt in recent training sessions to run out comfortable winners in very hot conditions. Goals from Reuben (2), Ben (2), Will, Josh and a class hat trick from man of the match Mouadh.

    U18 played a very tough game today against a strong and well organised Concord Rangers U18's team who had a player making his National Conference South debut for their first team yesterday. We created several chances themselves and should have scored two or three before the break. We started brightly in the first 5-10 mins of the second half but another Concord Rangers goal took the wind out of our sails. Their strength and power really started to show as the younger Wingate boys started to tire in the heat. A few soft goals conceded near the end resulted in a 10-0 loss. The boys will learn a few key lessons from this game today which will help them in the fixtures coming up. Special mention to Charlie and Dan for their effort and determination today. Next week: Away to Cockfosters.
  • 8th September

    Sunday Roundup
    U9 Blues boys adapted well to playing their first game on the larger 7 a side pitches, good passing and individual skill. Good sign of things to come. Man of Match today Yash and Aarayann with a goal.

    U9 Whites showed great fighting spirit to force their way back into the game today. Passing was impressive at times but we have identified that we need to improve on tracking back and moving off the ball. Encouraging signs for the rest of the season ahead and the standout player was Jayden B who almost capped a superb display with a goal.

    U10 Blues kicked off their first game of the season in a style that was full of pace, creativity and excitement. Settling down after the first 10 minutes, they began to play with authority. Goals across the team from Prince, Joshy, Huey, Henry, Noam, and a contender for goal of the season from Cruz.

    U10 Whites got their season off to a flier, up against a tough opposition and performed well as a team. Chances created and a solid foundation of work rate, positioning and attitude towards the game was Excellent. Can't fault the boys on their first game back. Man of the match today decided by the boys was Benji! Great stuff Whites!

    U11 Whites started their season well against a resilient opposition. The boys took on board what they had learnt from pre-season and recent training sessions and applied it fully to this game. Movement, distribution and work-rate was of a high standard which resulted in Olly, James and Jake all scoring goals. A great start to our season.

    U14 kicked off their season in fine style with a 5-1 win over Potters Bar Town. The match was won in a first half which saw Wingate go into the break with a 4-0 lead, with goals from Ben (2), Josh and a cracker from Mikey. The boys tried to play the ball out from the back and through midfield, our preferred way of playing. The second half was more even and the boys occasionally lost concentration, but overall this was a fine win against a team who worked really hard throughout. Jamal scored for Wingate in the second half and Ben struck the post, denying him a hat trick.

    A great start to the season today for the U18's against Biggleswade Utd. The boys started on the front foot and went three nil up before the break. Goals from Ethan, Dan and Yan. The second half started well and the introduction of four subs brought a fresh impetus to the game. A great finish from Cameran brought him a goal on his debut. Further goals came from Antoine and another two from Yann giving him his hatrick. Final score was 7-0 to Wingate. Special mention to the back four today. More of the same next week lads.
  • 4th September

    FA Youth Cup Win Over Cockfosters
    Wingate and Finchley are through to the First Qualifying Round of the FA Youth Cup on penalties after an incredible 2-2 battle with Cockfosters on Tuesday.

    End-to-end from the first minute to the 120th, this gargantuan battle looked to be going Wingate’s way when they took the lead midway through a dominant first half.

    But a controversial refereeing decision handed Cockfosters a route back into the game and they turned the score on its head, before a late Wingate equaliser.

    Extra-time came and went but it took kicks from the penalty spot to finally separate the sides after a brilliant spectacle. Wingate now await the draw as they look to better last year’s 2nd Round exit.

    The Blues immediately stamped their authority on this game, hitting the bar twice and keeping Cockfosters goalkeeper Luca Viglione on his toes early on.

    But Cockfosters could have broken the deadlock were it not for Josh Gunter’s last-ditch block as Ryan Murphy looked certain to score.

    As it was, it took just over half an hour for Wingate to find a breakthrough. One simple ball over the top allowed Kevonte Willoughby-Williams to stride through and lift a delightful chip over a Viglione and in to put the home side 1-0 up.

    Billy Hayes could have doubled the lead minutes later but Ewan Bland was well-positioned to hack his shot clear off the line with the keeper beaten.

    Gunter had the best opportunity to level the scores for Cockfosters before half-time but Finn Rushton was quick off his line to deny the striker with his feet.

    It was 10 minutes from the restart that the game was flipped on its head. Willoughby-Williams, clean through on goal, was cynically brought down only to see just a yellow card brandished for the Cockfosters defender.

    The free-kick came to nothing and within minutes a penalty was given at the other end when Gunter was brought down inside the box.

    Harry Martin scored from the spot with 25 minutes left, before Gunter rolled Cockfosters into the lead after being played through 10 minutes later.

    Despite the shock, the Blues quickly regained control of the match and it paid off – Willoughby-Willliams scored his second of the game with five minutes left on the clock to take the game to extra-time.

    However there were few chances of note and the game was eventually decided on penalties, Wingate scoring all of theirs with Rushton saving two from the visitors.

    The Blues now wait to see who they’ll face in the next round as their FA Youth Cup Journey continues.
  • 31st August

    Under 14 Preseason Tournament
    Our U14 side, managed by Nick Hewat, went to a tournament at Essex Royals on Saturday and won it. The boys played 6 games; winning five, drawing one, and didn’t concede through the whole tournament. Well done boys!
  • 17th August

    FA Youth Cup
    We will play at home vs Cockfosters in the FA Youth Cup on Tuesday 3rd September, 7.45pm.